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Preview: ‘No Ordinary Family’ Takes Viewers Into Special World

Though they are unsure if being special is a good thing or not

ABCs new dramedy series No Ordinary Family is premised on one familys discovery that they suddenly have superhuman abilities. Without giving it all away, suffice it to say, each family members discovery that they have a special ability does not exactly make them jubilant.

They were an ordinary family with normal problems before, and now that their lives are changing, they are not certain that these changes are for the better. For, from the start, it sends the parents into therapy. After all, how does one cope with the revelation that life for them is no longer the same as it is for everyone else?

For the Powell family, they also do not know initially that they are not alone. Each feels like they were either given a gift or curse and strongly reacts to their personal perception as to whether it is a blessing or not. For Jim Powell (Michael Chiklis), he is ecstatic. He cannot wait tell someone what amazing thing has just happened to him. His wife, Stephanie (Julie Benz), has a similar reaction and is beside herself with glee. Their inability to keep their newfound powers to themselves leads them to confide in their unsuspecting co-workers George St. Cloud (Romany Malco) and Katie (Autumn Reeser).

Their daughter Daphne (Kay Panabaker) is definitely not happy to find out that she is no longer like other teenagers. For her, discovering that she is special feels more like a curse. Then for J.J., their son, he is a late bloomer and his ability does not surface as quickly as it did for the rest of his family. So the feeling that he is not special hovers over him like a black cloud.

The examination of one familys journey of self-discovery and how it affects each of them in both positive and negative ways is what No Ordinary Family is all about. Sure, it is cool to have superhero-like abilities, but how does that impact the lives they are living? Without telling the world, they now know they are special, but will the rest of the world? And how will the rest of the world – – or just their friends and work associates — feel about them being special?”

To tell or not tell becomes a huge issue. Can this be a secret that can be kept, or will it erode their relationships as they try to keep their abilities secret?

What about the temptation to do something good with what they now can do? Do they embrace their superhero powers or do they keep their abilities to theirselves for their own selfish uses? And will trying to be a hero endanger them in ways they could not have foreseen?

No Ordinary Family invites us to explore all these amazing discoveries and haunting question along with the Powell family.

No Ordinary Family premieres Sept. 28, and will air Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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