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Apps For Science Fiction Fans

Load up your mobile device with futuristic goodness


For many sci-fi fans, love of the genre often goes well beyond catching the occasional movie or playing a futuristic game now and then. If you live and breathe sci-fi, you’re in luck because there are plenty of ways you can access your favorite games, latest news and more through apps.

Force Saber of Light

This free app, notes XYO, is ideal for Star Wars fans. The famous Force Saber of Light is now available on phones or tablets. Transform your screen into a concentrated beam that is ready for battle. This is especially impressive on a large screen — like the 5.7-inch screen available on the Galaxy Note. Those who download this great app can just move their device around in the air and feel the power of the force. As a bonus, the app has great sound effects, and it will also enable the phone’s camera flash to go off during battles. This is perfect for battles at night. Users can also choose from a dozen hilts and a variety of colors for their beam.


This incredible adventure game, which is available from Google, comes to sci-fi fans from the creators of the popular games Samorost and Botanicula. In Machinarium, players assist Josef the robot as he saves his girlfriend Berta from the Blackcap Brotherhood. The game features mini games, puzzles and terrific graphics. In addition, sci-fi fans are all about great characters, and this game will not disappoint — although many people do feel sad after they beat the game and have to say farewell to the electronic characters.

Science Fiction World

Fans who like to stay up-to-date on the latest news about their preferred genre can now do just that, thanks to the newly released Science Fiction World apps for both the phone and tablet. These apps offer users a convenient way to access all of the videos from Science Fiction World’s YouTube channel as well as the stories from the website. Users may also select from cosmic space wallpaper that they can add to their phone or tablet, get access to great sci-fi quotes and a reading guide with recommendations, author info and awards. In many ways, this app is a one-stop sci-fi shop.

Galaxy on Fire

Another sci-fi game app that is a must-have for fans is called Galaxy on Fire. This game puts players in the role of either commander of the Terrans, Nivelians or Vossk. In the app, players will do whatever they can to take control of an unchartered portion of the universe called the Shroud Nebula. The amazing galaxy includes more than 400,000 planets, and the app allows players to challenge each other as they vie for complete domination over space. However, in order to succeed at their quest, players must form alliances and help each other in their war strategies and colonization plans. As the first multiplayer game in the Galaxy on Fire universe, the app is free to play and also offers some in-app purchases.

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