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Olivia Wilde Returns To Tron Universe

Actress reprises movie role in animated series

Olivia Wilde made quite an impression on viewers of 2010’s “Tron: Legacy” as the ISO Quorra. That character, if you remember, was a program from Kevin Flynn’s digital world that was the only one of her kind to survive a purge that destroyed all of the spontaneously evolving programs that threatened the perfection sought by Flynn’s alter-ego Clu.

Now she is reprising her role in a new episode of Disney XD’s animated prequel “Tron: Uprising,” in which she makes quite an impression on one of the new show’s antagonists.

The encounter comes as a flashback for Occupation officer Paige (voice of Emmanuelle Chriqui), who crashes on a remote island with new hero Beck (voice of Elijah Wood). Beck, claiming the mantle of the missing Tron, is trying to rally the programs of Argon City against Gen. Tessler’s Clu-backed occupation, and steals valuable data from the enemy base before escaping on a light jet over the Sea of Simulation.

But he is pursued by Paige, Tesser’s second-in-command, and their dogfight leaves them stranded on an island that’s quickly de-rezzing all around them. It’s during this trial, when she is forced to work with her foe toward survival, that Paige reflects on her experience with Quorra, who was on the run from Occupation forces and hiding out in Paige’s hometown.

The end of “Tron: Legacy” left many speculating whether we would see more of Quorra’s special destiny, or whether she and Sam Flynn would return in a new feature film to explore it. While the 2010 film had modest success and mixed reviews that may have scuttled a hoped-for sequel, many — including Bruce “Tron” Boxleitner, and the screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis — have said it’s too soon to count one out. reported as recently as March that the writers, who are currently working on ABC’s fairy-tale epic “Once Upon a Time,” remain attached as co-producers on a third Tron movie and have seen a first draft.

In the meantime, Wilde’s episode of “Tron: Uprising,” titled “Isolated,” premieres July 5 at 8 p.m. ET on Disney XD.

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