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Two Strips of Latinum: What Is NASA’s Top 40?

Trekkies are working hard to get Star Trek theme as a wake-up call for this mission

As every day passes, we get closer to the final missions of the U.S. space shuttle fleet.

According to the current schedule, the next-to-last flight of a space shuttle will be launched on Monday, Nov. 1. To mark this historic event, NASA has announced a unique contest.

That contest is a vote by the public on what two songs should be wake-up songs for the crew of Discovery during their mission next month. To accomplish this, NASA selected 40 songs that have been used in the past as songs played to awake crews in space, and have allowed the public to vote on which one should be played during the upcoming mission. The top two vote-getters will be used during Discovery’s final trip into space.

When word got out that one of the songs was the theme from the original Star Trek, Trekkies went into action and before you could say warp core breach, the theme song was catapulted into the top songs and has stayed there. As of when this column is written, it is second with 635,245 votes, 27percent of the 2.4 million votes cast up to this point. The song ahead of it at the time this was written was “Blue Sky” by Big Head Todd with 657,111, 27.9 percent of the votes cast.

Both songs have outdistanced the third place song (which has ties to the legendary franchise as it was used in a movie), “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf, 2-to-1. Fans of Star Wars must feel that the Force has deserted them as the theme from Star Wars is down by a 10-to-1 lead.

However, don’t you dare think Trekkies have given up on the effort. While, if it finishes second, the song will be used during the mission, fans all over are pulling out the stops to get their beloved theme to the top position.

Whichever song you favor, you need to vote quickly at the NASA Top 40 site as time is quickly running out.

The two winning songs will be played during the STS-133 mission of Discovery in November.

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