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Artistic License: Blizzcon 2010 ‘WoWs’ Everyone

This year’s event had tricks and treats for everyone

Well, another Blizzcon has come and gone. There were certainly some great things at this year’s event, but there were also some rough moments.

Considering that World of Warcraft is celebrating Hallow’s End currently, and Halloween is Sunday, I thought I’d bring you my top trick and top treat of Blizzcon 2010!

While there were a few glitches, and a couple of things I did not like about the con, my big problem was with the costume and dance competition Friday night. Comedian Jay Mohr spent more time offending people than he did being funny. Several people I talked to commented that he was acting intoxicated. He did make a few good jokes, and he does have good knowledge of the games and can make appropriate jokes and comments, but I think he went a bit too far this year. Perhaps it is time for Blizzcon to get a new host.

There were plenty of treats, from the live WoW raid to the announcement about the Cataclysm digital download. However, the big news of the con was not about WoW at all. The last playable character class was announced for Diablo III – the Demon Hunter! This was definitely the talk of the convention, with abilities such as fan of knives and molten arrow, and the look of real warrior. Players are definitely getting excited for this game, which still does not have a release date.

Of course, there were many other great things, from the Geek Is part of the opening ceremonies to the tournaments, the various WoW, Diablo III, and Starcraft II panels to the Tenacious D concert. For highlights, you can visit Blizzcon’s website and see written recaps of the various panels, pictures from the events, and even watch some of the great tournament play.

Also, there is a listing of the winners of the fan art, movie, and original song contests, along with links. Information is also available at WoW Insider where you can read about many of the panels and other activities.

While it would have been nice to physically attend Blizzcon, I have to say that the DirecTV and Internet stream truly make you feel as if you are there. There were bumps in the road, but overall it was a great experience, and definitely worth the time and money.

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