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Two Strips Of Latinum: Fact Or Faked?

Syfy’s new reality show takes a hard look at the viral videos that spook us

I have to be very honest upfront that when it comes to so-called reality shows, I have a jaundiced eye.

Last year, Jill and I covered what we were told was a reality show and discovered that it was anything but real. There were enough falsehoods told to us and told to the world in the episode of the show we covered that it left a very vile aftertaste in our mouths.

So, when Syfy announced a new reality show called “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files,” I was just slightly interested. My first reaction was to wonder if this show was nothing more than a copycat version of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters. After watching three episodes, I can report that is not the case.

This show doesn’t examine myth per se, but many of those videos on YouTube and other places showing things that look like possible paranormal activity, possible UFOs and the like. To investigate these videos, a team has been assembled consisting of a former FBI agent, a scientist, an effects specialist, a journalist, a photography expert, and a stunt expert.

As the team investigates these videos, the team members brings their unique skills to bear, be it an attempt to recreate the video, or night investigations to attempt to find out exactly what is happening. In the three episodes that have aired, and the variety of videos the team has investigated, they have covered the spectrum of resolutions to the videos they examined, ranging from unexplained, to explained. Each investigation takes the viewer through the steps, and leaves nothing to chance.

This team is all business, without some of the lightheartedness that is one of the trademarks of “Mythbusters,” which is both an advantage and a disadvantage as well. The team’s seriousness projects professionalism but that can also backfire and not give viewers the ability to identify with them in their efforts. The best way I can describe their methodology is “Ghost Hunters” meets “Mythbusters.”

Overall, the show is not outstanding, nor is it a thrill ride. If you like investigations like this, you will enjoy the program. Some do not, with one person going so far as to called it a wasted hour of airtime. I wonder if that person made one of the videos that was exposed on the show so far.

Think about it.

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