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Two Strips Of Latinum: ‘Doctor Who’ Revisited

What did the new crew do with our favorite Time Lord?

Like so many of you, I had been awaiting the return of Doctor Who to American television, and the first episode with the new Doctor, played by Matt Smith.

In a previous edition of this column on, I had speculated about what direction The Doctor might take this year. There had been some speculation by many, including myself, that the new people in charge of the show were going to take the character back to the more serious side and away from the quirky, humorous Doctor as portrayed by Smith’s two predecessors.

Saturday night arrived and I settled down to see the new Doctor doing more that riding a crashing Tardis. I was very pleasantly surprised. The character was taken to any extreme but was very balanced and enjoyable as always. Smith played the serious moments properly, but still injected the wild sense of humor that has brought so many new fans to The Doctor’s camp.

One of my favorite scenes was when The Doctor confronted the giant alien eye of the spaceship on the roof of the building toward the end of the episode. He began questioning the alien about the status of Earth, specifically if the inhabitants had violated any of the laws of the alien’s planet. We then saw a large circular screen flashing through history faster than the Guardian of Forever did in Star Trek.

Finally, when asked if Earth had been defended, there was a clip shown in the circle of not only David Tennant, but all of the previous incarnations of The Doctor, after which Smith stepped through the image of Tennant, and told the alien to run, which the ship did very quickly! Not only was that a great part of the story, but a very nice tribute to the 10 brilliant men who have played the character, and, possibly, a message to all of us that the new caretakers of the legacy of The Doctor are going to honor all of his history.

Again, this was the first episode, but it was a very good one, and very encouraging to me. If Stephen Moffat keeps giving us episodes like this one, this season of The Doctor’s further adventures will be a delight for all fans of the character, no matter which incarnation you prefer.

However, there is something I noticed in this episode. There is a very interesting new trait of The Doctor that is coming to light. Have you noticed that he seems to like to get brides for his companions? First it was Donna Noble, running away from a wedding, and finally getting hitched in the final special. Now, it’s Amy Pond who, based on her remarks and the presence of a wedding dress in her closet, was about to get married the next day when she run off with The Doctor.

Let’s face it, folks, the Doctor is apparently, quite a chick magnet!

See you Wednesday!

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