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Sasha Roiz Keeping Busy With ‘Warehouse 13,’ ‘Grimm’

New recurring character on Syfy show premieres this week

Although “Caprica” lived an unfortunate short life, one of that show’s stars, Sasha Roiz, is keeping busy.

He played Sam Adama, the gay Tauron gangster, in the “Battlestar Galactica” spinoff. But now he’s getting ready to not only play a police chief in an NBC procedural show involving fairy tales called “Grimm,” but starting a new role as the mysterious Marcus Diamond on Syfy’s “Warehouse 13.”

It’s a full plate, yet he still found time to make it to San Diego Comic-Con before making the trip to Portland to film “Grimm.”

“I like being employed,” Roiz recently told reporters during a conference call that included Airlock Alpha. “But I also like working with good people. I’ve been very lucky, I think, in the last three projects, like ‘Caprica,’ ‘Warehouse’ and ‘Grimm.’ These are people of a certain pedigree and a certain reputation, and they’ve proven themselves and they have a great body of work.

“And so that helps tremendously, and that encourages me in making a decision and working with them.”

Roiz won some critical acclaim for his Sam Adama character, even from the pilot when he was created as a much more minor role before being promoted to full-time status. He worked closely with Esai Morales, Eric Stoltz and Paula Malcomson — all who have made names for themselves in other projects. And now he has a chance to work on “Warehouse 13,” where chemistry between the characters is just as important as the stories the show tells.

“I’ve always been very fortunate that the people in the last three main big projects I’ve done have been those kind of people,” Roiz said. “And in addition to that, they’ve all been wonderful to work with, and I had, you know, very positive experiences. So I’ve been quite fortunate.”

Roiz wouldn’t share much about Marcus Diamond, or even how many episodes he would be in, except to say that it was a “good chunk” of the season, but not the now annual Christmas episode.

And while some might want to draw comparisons between Marcus Diamond and Sam Adama, there really aren’t too many of them.

“They’re very different characters,” Roiz said. “I think Marcus is a bit more of a henchman than Sam. You know, Sam really believes in sort of the world he lives in and his place in it. And Marcus’ situation is not quite the same.”

If “Caprica” had gone on for multiple seasons, what would’ve happened to Sam Adama, anyway? Roiz didn’t know for sure, but he had his own speculation to share.

“I see him sort of climbing the ranks of the Ha’la’tha – the Mob, and becoming probably more of a, you know, presence,” Roiz said. “I think there was talk perhaps going back to Tauron, so I think he was going to become a presence maybe politically either back on Tauron or in Caprica. But definitely a higher player in the Mob. More of a decision-maker.”

Roiz continues his run on “Warehouse 13” throughout the summer. The show airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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