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Is ‘Doctor Who’ In Trouble? Fans Demand Answers

Series will get some new executive producers in new season

It’s not clear how many episodes will be a part of the upcoming sixth season of “Doctor Who” in 2012, but expect to see some changes in the credits.

Both Piers Wenger and Beth Willis are reportedly out as executive producers after just two seasons, but this could be a good thing rather than a bad one, because it’s Wenger’s reign that apparently has created many of “Doctor Who’s” current problems in the first place.

Wenger, who was the corporate showrunner for “Doctor Who” (while Steven Moffat ran things on the creative side), apparently allowed budgets for each episode to spiral out of control, according to a new report from Wales Online. On top of that, Wenger’s management style hastened the exit of many long-time crewmembers for the show, making it difficult to keep all the talent that has made “Doctor Who” a success since its return in 2005.

BBC, however, insists there’s absolutely nothing to be worried about.

“Moving forward, it is business as usual for the show,” said Julian Payne, the head of BBC Communications. “We are preparing for the new [season] now, and Steven is hard at work on the Christmas show as we speak.”

Reports of a seventh season pickup in 2012 were quickly met with rumors that only a handful of episodes will actually be produced in 2012. A lot of it was blamed on financial troubles BBC is experiencing. A few erroneously blamed Moffat’s other hit series, “Sherlock,” as being a culprit.

Ratings have been troublesome, according to some reports, with audiences falling to 5.5 million on average, compared to more than 13 million who watched the departure of former star David Tennant.

Moffat, however, hasn’t been happy that rumors started blaming his work on “Sherlock” on delaying “Doctor Who.” While he won’t lay blame on where the rumors started, he did blast whoever would dare try to make that claim. He told author and recent “Doctor Who” writer Neil Gaiman that the “Sherlock” rumor was “unbelievable” and “unacceptable.”

There is still a second half of a season to watch this year, which premieres this fall. In the meantime, speculation and rumors about the fate of “Doctor Who” will continue to grow.

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