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‘Ghost Hunters’ Launches Ghost-Finder App

iPhone app will bring amateur ghost hunters to paranormal hotbeds

Steeped in history, there are hundreds of paranormal hotspots around the United States that ghost-enthusiasts investigate annually.

Now, thanks to Syfy’s “Ghost Hunters,” their job of tracking down these locations is a lot easier.

Syfy has confirmed the launch of a “Ghost Hunters” iPhone app which will use the device’s global-positioning capabilities to guide users to their nearest paranormal hotspots and everything they’ll need to survive the encounter. Hotels, restaurants and other attractions all will be listed to ensure amateur ghost hunters are well taken care of.

Among the destinations covered are Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, Mansfield Reformatory (made famous for “The Shawshank Redemption”), as well as the St. Augustine Lighthouse. Other locations will be added as they are explored by the “Ghost Hunters” team.

The app also will act as a direct conduit to the other side : of the web that is. Location-specific message boards can be accessed within the app allowing users to share their own experiences from their travels.

Its release will coincide with the six-hour “Ghost Hunters Live” event airing on Halloween where the “Ghost Hunters” foursome will tackle Buffalo Central Terminal in Buffalo, N.Y. The facility was constructed in 1929 and has become renowned as an art deco masterpiece.

It was only in use for 50 years and closed its doors in 1979 : but that didn’t stop the traffic.

The site is reportedly frequented by ghostly encounters and paranormal activity and the team will aim to uncover exactly what has been going bump in the night.

The app is not free, however. The “Ghost Hunters Haunted House Finder” is 99 cents on Apple’s iTunes.

“Ghost Hunters Live” launches Oct. 31 at 7 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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