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‘Smallville’ Casts New Villains

Changes bring new and old faces back to Superman series

This article contains spoilers.

“Smallville’s” ninth season finale was bleak indeed.

As Clark Kent (Tom Welling) was fighting for his life on the roof of a Metropolis skyscraper, the walls were pounding in around his comrade, Green Arrow (Justin Hartley). At the time, both events seemed connected, but before the episode concluded, Ollie’s warning that “they are not Kryptonians” sparked rampant speculation on what the new threat for the 10th season would be.

It took less than 24 hours for Darkseid’s name to not only be suggested but accepted as the most likely candidate. That idea proved accurate, and casting is well underway for a horde of new baddies for the final season of the Superman-in-training series … namely, the New Gods.

Canadian actors Steve Byers and Michael Daingerfield have both been confirmed to take on the roles of Darkseid’s minions. Byers will join the Apokoliptan ranks as Desaad, a henchman of Darkseid, with Daingerfield taking on a more prominent role of Gorden Godfrey. In the original comics, Godfrey possessed the power of manipulation and was prone to using that ability on not only Darkseid but the rest of the world as well. His goal: Convince the world that heroes were a threat.

Both will be introduced in the third episode of the season, “Supergirl,” which also sees the return of Laura Vandervoot as Kara Kent.

However, with the minions now named, the question is who will play the head honcho? No names have been revealed for the Darkseid character, supreme monarch of Apokolips and fans are champing at the bit to know who will follow in the footsteps of Callum Blue, who became Maj. Zod for a year and won the support of fans.

Like all seasons of “Smallville,” this year will see a dramatic change in the direction of the series as Clark (Tom Welling) comes closer to his destiny. Long-time cast member Allison Mack, the only surviving cast member from the first season, will say adieu to the series … and may even embrace the title of Dr. Fate.

In her absence, though, a number of familiar faces will make appearances, including Jonathan Schneider (who was killed in the fifth season), James Marsters (who has been killed on multiple occasions) and Michael Shanks will once again reprise his role of Hawkman.

Most exciting of all, there are rumblings that we may not have seen the last of Lex Luthor.

“Smallville” will airs Fridays this fall on The CW.

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