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Syfy Shuffles Friday Lineup, Moves Shows To Tuesdays

The bad news? It’s to make room for wrestling

It’s kind of hard to have a show like World Wrestling Entertainment’s “Friday Night Smackdown” come to your channel if you’re not going to have it on Friday night.

So Syfy, in picking up the show from its previous home on MyNetworkTV, keeps its commitment to having wrestling on a channel that’s supposed to be about science-fiction, but now has to find a new home for its Friday original programming.

The new home? Tuesdays.

That’s right, beginning in October, shows like “Caprica,” “Stargate: Universe” and “Sanctuary” will no longer be found competing against the junk that makes up Friday network programming. Instead, these shows will have to go against the “NCIS” and “Grey’s Anatomy” of the world.

“Friday Night Smackdown” premieres Oct. 1 on Syfy, and will now be in its third home, originally appearing on The WB a decade ago.

Syfy considers the move of its shows like SGU and “Caprica” a positive, especially since other original dramas like “Warehouse 13” and “Eureka” have flourished on Tuesday nights, according to a release from the cable channel. It’s not clear how having nearly all of its original programming on the same night will affect broadcast schedules for the show, but Syfy is convinced this move could provide a ratings boost.

Syfy will bring to an end its WWE NXT experiment. But only to make room for the longer-running “Smackdown.”

The continued presence of wrestling on the network means there will be many Syfy viewers upset that it will remain there. However, “Smackdown” currently averages about 3.4 million viewers, and even if only 2 million viewers follow it to Syfy, that means a strong profit margin for the cable channel.

And what does strong profit margin mean? More original programming, and even renewals for some programs that might be a bit ratings challenge, but winning critical praise … “Caprica” anyone?

Syfy has yet to release what its new Tuesday lineup will be, but its current lineup will remain intact on Fridays through the summer.

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