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Review'V' - Red Rain

Gore, lizards and Visitor porn ... 'V' is back


This review may contain spoilers. If you had to summarize the return of "V" in one word it would be this: gruesome. "Red Rain" takes on a level of gore normally reserved to event programming, or shows with a more horror-centric tone; scenes of Tyler’s (Logan Huffman) face melting, Anna (More ...

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Review'V'- Serpent's Tooth

Reasons for Anna's plans are revealed with the unveiling of Diana


This review may contain spoilers After the end of the first season, viewers of the show questioned why the return of the V's, or for the matter the show itself, mattered. More questions were uncovered than were answered. In this season's second episode "Serpent's Tooth," they finally decided ...

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Review'The Cape' - Kozmo

Not every battle is about money and power, sometimes it is just about a cape


This article may contain spoilers. In a funny twist of fate, "Kozmo" focused not on Vince Faraday’s (David Lyons) vendetta against Peter Fleming, a.k.a. Chess (James Frain), but rather in a tug-of-war for the cape itself. Apparently, Faraday is not the only one who sees the full value of su ...

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Review'Chuck' - Chuck Versus The Balcony

The course of true love never did run smooth


This review may contain spoilers. These words from the Bard of Avon could apply to Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker just as well as they applied to the lovers in a “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The best thing about the love story that is so much a part of “Chuck” - and is the focal poi ...

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Review'No Ordinary Family' - No Ordinary Brother

When family, friends and lovers complicate our lives in unexpected ways


This article may contain spoilers. In a parallel storyline, this episode addressed how friends and family make decisions that suddenly complicate our lives. Jim’s brother came to visit and discovered the family’s super-power secret; and Katie (Autumn Reeser) accepted a promotion and made pl ...

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Review'No Ordinary Family' - No Ordinary Friends

As the saying goes, keep your friends close but your enemies closer


This article may contain spoilers. Are superheroes even allowed to have friends? For Jim (Michael Chiklis) and Steph Powell (Julie Benz), perhaps not. Their co-workers George (Romany Malco) and Katie (Autumn Reeser) are allowed in the superhero club simply because they were there when the Powells ...

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Review'The Cape' - Pilot/Tarot

A hero rises from the ashes to battle a villain corrupting the heart of a city


This article may contain spoilers. In an ambitious endeavor to borrow from some of the greatest comic book heroes and their stories, "The Cape" introduces its own hero, Vince Faraday (David Lyons) -- an honest cop unwilling to be seduced by corruption and ends up framed for murder. Thought to ...

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Review'Doctor Who' - A Christmas Carol

The Doctor becomes the ghost of Christmas past and present


This review may contain spoilers. When Steve Moffat took control of "Doctor Who" for the shows fifth season, he vowed that the show would become something of a science-fiction fairytale … and you can’t get any closer to a fairytale than "A Christmas Carol." Borrowing from Charles Dickens' ...

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Review'No Ordinary Family' - No Ordinary Sidekick

Treachery and villainy lurks around every corner, getting closer each day


This article may contain spoilers. In a case of crossed-wires, this episode focused on whether Katie (Autumn Reeser) and George (Romany Malco) are merely the sidekicks in their relationships with Jim (Michael Chiklis) and Steph (Julie Benz). Prior to becoming super-human, Jim and George were ...

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Review'Fringe' - Marionette

Olivia's first case back in our world begs the question: how could Peter not know the difference between her and Fauxlivia?


This review may contain spoilers. The episode opens at a train station, which we all know is never a good sign. Luckily, nothing horrible or gruesome happened this particular location. So that’s progress, right? But then there’s some business with organ removal and people surviving after h ...

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Review'Warehouse 13' - Secret Santa

The Warehouse does things Christmas-style this year.


This review may contain spoilers. As soon as "Secret Santa" begins with a storybook "Once upon a time in South Dakota," it's probably for the best to assume that this episode either takes place outside of the actual series continuity thus far or maybe happened in between other episodes (but presu ...

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Review'Smallville' - Luthor

A welcome return from an old favorite continues 'Smallville's' final chapter


This review may contain spoilers. He might not be the Luthor that everyone has been waiting for all season, but Lionel Luthor – as portrayed by the great John Glover – is certainly an exciting addition to a season already richly tapping into the decade of history that “Smallville” has est ...

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Review'Fringe' - Entrada

All is right in the worlds again, but that doesn't necessarily mean all is well.


This review may contain spoilers. If you had trouble figuring it out from the plot of the episode, the word entrada basically means an entrance or a way in. Walternate (John Noble) wants a way into our side, and up until this point, Fauxlivia (Anna Torv) has been finding her way into our Frin ...

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Review'No Ordinary Family' - No Ordinary Anniversary

It is all fun and games until someone ends up dead

This article may contain spoilers. Jim (Michael Chiklis) and Steph (Julie Benz) turned a simple anniversary dinner into a night of superhero crime-fighting fun. However, the fun and games ended when the bad guy died. For it is one thing to stop crimes and catch bad guys; it is another to take a l ...

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ReviewThe Event- Everything Will Change

Everything will change but we are left wondering in what way it will change.

This review may contain spoilers. The title of this episode seems to promise answers and we do get a few but in the end, we dont have our curiosity satisfied. Its understandable that the creators of the show dont want to divulge too much at one time but it would have been a nice holiday gift to ...

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