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ReviewStargate: Universe - Malice

Rush and Eli deal with the consequences of Simeons actions

This review may contain spoilers Hoping for Robert Knepper to be given more room to play as Simeon in the last review, viewers got a chance to see his villainy come to a head in Malice. But perhaps the episode gave more to Rush (Robert Carlyle) than it did to Simeon. Instead of the one-note ambit ...

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Review'No Ordinary Family' - No Ordinary Mobster

Playing super hero can put one in the cross-hairs of a super villain

This article may contain spoilers. As feared all along, the Bennetts are now facing a double threat: one, their powers may only be temporary and may fail them at the wrong time; and two, a super villain has finally figured out that there may be a few more additions to add to his vault of those w ...

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Review'Fringe' - The Abducted

The jig is up, the news is out, they've finally found Olivia. Well, almost

This review may contain spoilers. "The Abducted" can pretty much be considered the last "Fringe" episode of the 'trading places' arc we've grown accustomed to. Olivia (Anna Torv) knows who she really is, so she's finally ready to escape and go back home. Peter (Joshua Jackson) knows that the woma ...

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Review'Chuck' - Chuck Versus The Fear Of Death

A fantastic start to a two-part episode

This article may contain spoilers. This is a two part episode, so we cant pass final judgment on the story yet but the first part has us wanting more and thats a good endorsement. While the situation Chuck finds himself in is quite serious and life threatening, we get the humor and human touc ...

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ReviewSmallville - Abandoned

Another potential disaster averted this season

This review may contain spoilers. After the previous episode saw the return of General Lane and the introduction of the Vigilante Registration Act into this seasons already-loaded storyline, Abandoned represents a detour from the established plotlines that have made this final season so riveting. ...

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Review'Fringe' - 6955 kHz

Radios erasing people's memories? Sounds like just another Thursday night for "Fringe."

This review may contain spoilers. Off an average episode on the Other Side, last week, "Fringe" comes back with a stellar scientific anomaly of the week (fully based in mythology) episode with "6955 kHz." The episode title refers to an AM radio numbers station that, when played at the "right" tim ...

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Review'The Event' - I Know Who You Are

Lies, cover-ups and set-ups are all weaving an intricate mystery

This article may contain spoilers. With aliens, a real life dollhouse with living dolls and wormholes, "The Event" has entered the Twilight Zone. When lovers Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) and Leila Buchanan (Sarah Roemer) heard that there were aliens walking amongst us, they were incredulous to the ...

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ReviewStargate: Universe - The Greater Good

Young confronts Rush after finding out his secret control of Destiny

This review may contain spoilers. For those viewers who have been worried about the future status of Stargate: Universe, The Greater Good was definitely an edge-of-the-seat kind of episode that satisfies fans and shows networks like Syfy that quality science fiction shows have support. We hav ...

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Review'No Ordinary Family' - No Ordinary Visitors

White lies and living with the consequences of those lies

This article may contain spoilers. In parallel stories of different kinds of home invasions, the Powells got the easier kind to deal with. Instead of being attacked, beaten, held hostage, all the Powells had to endure were a few barbed comments and thinly-veiled insults from their visiting relati ...

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ReviewPreview: 'Stargate: Universe' Gets Real

Get a spoiler-free look at what's coming up on the Syfy series

Forget about ratings, bubbles and anything else yapped about television shows, and just enjoy "Stargate: Universe" for being, well, "Stargate: Universe." And if you haven't been making an appointment to watch the Syfy show recently, you may want to beginning Tuesday and running into next week as ...

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Review'Smallville' - Ambush

With a family reunion, 'Ambush' is almost like a lost episode from another season

This review may contain spoilers. So ... Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling) are a real couple now and everything is all out in the open. After five years of keeping each other at arms length (even when they were an item) it is great to finally see these two characters blossoming in ...

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Review'Fringe' - Amber 31422

As if alternate versions of characters weren't enough, now there's twins.

This review may contain spoilers. "Fringe" is back with a new episode and the greatest scientific anomaly of all time -- identical twins. Okay, maybe identical twins aren't really the greatest scientific anomaly of all time -- especially not in "Fringe" canon -- but the show certainly tried it ...

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ReviewStargate: Universe - Trial and Error

The crew and Destiny test Col. Young and his ability to lead

This review may contain spoilers. Gone are the days where the audience clearly knows who is in charge or who the captain of the team was. Unlike shows that were helmed by strong captains or leaders, Stargate: Universe has been challenging the notion of who leads everyone on Destiny. In Trial and ...

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ReviewThe Event - Loyalty

Blood is thicker than water and even trumps true love

This article may contain spoilers. This episode was all about Agent Simon Lee (Ian Anthony Dale). It was time to find out who was this mysterious guy connected to the detainees. While we still do not know who or what exactly the detainees are - other than supposedly alien life forms that are rem ...

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ReviewSmallville - Harvest

Strong subplots and romantic milestones save this season from its first bomb

This review may contain spoilers. In Harvest, Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling) are en route to a cover a story when they stumble across a seemingly harmless village. Needless to say, of course, things go awry, and while this episode marks an unwelcome detour from this seasons fair ...

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