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‘Once Upon A Time’ – Tiny

For Anton the Giant, it ain’t easy being big … or small

The gang from Storybrooke discovers that Cora brought a kidnapped Anton the Giant with her. Fortunately, she has conveniently rendered Anton “travel-sized.”

The problem is that Anton (Jorge Garcia) has a nasty reaction when he meets acting sheriff and former prince, David. David (Josh Dallas) realizes that Anton’s issue was with his twin, the dastardly James. That leads to this week’s flashback story.

Anton, teased as “Tiny” by his giant family, longs to visit the human world. When he does, he meets up with Prince James and his girlfriend, Jack (Cassidy Freeman).

The pair trick poor gullible Anton into showing them the entrance to the giants’ lair. Then they ransack it, killing everyone but Anton. James abandons Jack and saves himself. Anton is left with a ton of guilt and one cutting of the last magic bean plant in existence.

In Storybrooke, Regina helps Anton grow big again. He angrily thrashes through town for a while until he shrinks. But the timing is terrible, and the townspeople save Anton from falling down a mineshaft.

Realizing that these people aren’t out to take advantage of him, he offers to help them get home. He plants his one last magic bean plant in Storybrooke to be cared for by his new pals, the ever-hard-working dwarfs.

Oh, and Belle and Mr. Mendel are starting to compare notes.

Finally, outside of Storybrooke, Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle), Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Henry set off on their quest to find Baelfire. Mr. Gold is visibly terrified at the prospect of being robbed of his magical powers by the Real World. Wait until he gets to Manhattan!

Jorge Garcia is always a pleasure to watch. He makes Anton a loveable giant and an excellent dwarf!

The series wisely kept the Rampaging-Giant-in-Storybrooke scenes to a minimum, resulting in a good visual used for an appropriate amount of time. The CGI in Giantville was better than last time as well.

“Jack” was a fun gender-bending twist on another old tale. Hopefully, her story isn’t over yet!

Mr. Gold’s anxiety at being stripped of his power was brilliant and uncomfortable. Everything in Rumplestiltskin’s life always circles back to powerlessness. Kudos to Robert Carlyle for always finding ways to bring new depth to Rumple, no matter how much we feel like we already know him.

As often happens in this show, there is a lot going on at one time. At least four separate arcs are serviced in this episode, plus a Fairytale Land flashback. To keep all the plates spinning at once, the primary storyline gets sadly rushed through its paces.

“Take us to the beans!” Even with a sword in your hand — or especially with a sword in your hand — that line simply cannot be taken seriously. It doesn’t help that it is quickly followed by much poking of said giants’ ankles. Poison swords or not, the human vs giant battle ended up looking a little silly.

“Tiny” was written by Christine Boylan and Kalinda Vazquez. It was directed by Guy Ferland.

“Once Upon a Time” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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