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Preview: ‘Warehouse 13’ Heads To Explosive Finish

Get a spoiler-free look at the mid-season finale on Syfy

This preview contains some spoilers leading up to the mid-season finale of “Warehouse 13,” but not the mid-season finale itself.

When I talked with “Warehouse 13” showrunner Jack Kenny a while back and asked him what was next after an amazing third season finale, even he seemed flabbergasted. How do you top blowing up the warehouse?

Well, you do it by making a mid-fourth season finale like the one Syfy is airing Monday. And you do it with a big fat exclamation mark.

No, the world doesn’t blow up this time, but that might be a far better outcome than where we leave the Warehouse 13 agents leading into a break that won’t end until next April. Pete and Myka (Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly) are after a new villain that is far more dangerous than any they have faced before. And it’s one of their own: Artie (Saul Rubinek).

The penultimate episode was a crazy mindgame experience that had some familiar touches from the last season of “Dexter,” but done in a much more clever way. While the Warehouse 13 team, led by Artie, have been trying to track down Brother Adrian (played by Brent Spiner), it seems who they were really after was Artie himself.

Now they have a worldwide manhunt going on for him, that will take them to some of the strangest places — including yet another warehouse from the past. And will Artie’s dream of being stabbed by Allison Scagliotti’s Claudia Donovan come true? The answers are tonight.

I’m honestly wondering when “Warehouse 13” is going to jump the shark. Each ending gets bigger and bolder — and this year, they actually had to develop not one, but two big endings because of a larger episode order, and now a split season. Yet every time I start to cringe waiting for the bad moment to happen, I instead get some of the best “laughing with tears down my face” moments television has to offer.

It seems like every week I’m sending an “awesome episode” note to Jack, and he’s responding with, “It’s not just me — it’s the whole team.” And that team is continuing to produce some of the strongest television out there, and “Warehouse 13” is a series with a classification all of its own. It’s not exactly a comedy, it’s not exactly an action adventure, and it’s not totally science-fiction. What the Emmys need next year is a “Fun” category, and “Warehouse 13” would not only be the winner each year, but the lone nominee.

One quick note … everyone keeps saying that Jeri Ryan, who appeared in last week’s episode, will be on tonight. Sorry — she’s not there. But who knows, she might be back real soon!

“Warehouse 13” stars Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Allison Scagliotti, Saul Rubinek and CCH Pounder. It airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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