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‘Alphas’ – Gaslight

Shedding light on the Stanton Parish agenda

This review may contain spoilers

Adam Gorton (Noah Reid) is Spiderman. He crawls up walls and ceilings and can toss two grown men around like toys. His sister, Maggie (Nola Martin), is dead from a drug overdose … or is she? She seems to be calling to him for help and struggling for freedom while the lights are flickering, but when they are not — she is dead. It’s all very confusing for us, and Adam.

Later, Adam talks to Lee (David Strathairn) because he knows he needs help; Lee is going to send Adam for counseling when Adam freaks out and escapes into the hospital.

Cameron (Warren Christie) and Bill (Malik Yoba) are joined by Rachel (Azita Ghanizada) and Gary (Ryan Cartwright) to search in this hospital that has been reported to have weird haunting phenomena going on. Adam captures Rachel, thinking she is Maggie, and plans to drain her blood in an effort to cleanse her of the drugs. Rachel escapes, but a variety of voices and visions lead her to the bottom of a pool. After Rachel is gone, Adam hears Maggie and eventually drowns in a sink. Cameron has visions of a struggling Tyler (Gage Munroe) on a gurney being taken to the morgue. Bill is fruitlessly looking for Rachel and ends up fighting himself.

Gary has visions of Anna (Liane Balaban), alive and coherently vocal, unlike herself in life where she communicated by computer and hairbrush. Gary knows that this Anna is not real, but he would still do anything to keep her. He would ignore his team’s requests for help. He would even ignore them even when he knows that they are dying and he can help, except that Phantom Anna is a reasonable sort that urges Gary to do the right things.

Noticing the drowning motif, when Lee arrives at the hospital, late in the game, Lee directs Gary to search for near drowning patients. One is still in the hospital in a vegetative state. He’s been there since the hauntings began. Surprise, he’s an Alpha with infrasonic powers. Super-doctor, Lee revives Jason (Connor Price), which saves the rest. In the room with Jason, is an “August Medical Photic Stimulator” that he sees being used on Jason’s comatose roommate.


  1. Parish has been using the Llamrei Foundation, a charity to funnel money to Senator Charlotte Burton (Lauren Holly). Conveniently Burton is in town. Lee assigns Nina (Laura Mennell) to go question her about Parish, only to find that Burton’s mind has been wiped or otherwise blocked. Nina tries again, receiving the report that a man in a grey suit with a light lemon-y scent told her to authorize medical testing “in August.”
  2. When Rachel arrives to help find Adam, Cameron pushes Adam’s gown right under her nose like she is a dog. She, and we, are offended. What’s that about?
  3. Nina “pulls” memories of her sixteenth birthday from Kat (Erin Way). Also a mental image of a woman (Marnie Robinson). Kat speed-learns how to draw and draws an image of who we all assume is her mother. This woman spent a lot of time holding Kat’s hand in hospitals.
  4. Ultrasound can be used to clean and scan with (among other things), infrasound induces a feeling of awe or unease. Infrasound affects all Alphas more than it affects baseline humans.
  5. Cameron is having custody sharing/visitation rights issues with his wife (Kate Greenhouse) who wants their son, Tyler, to bond with her new boyfriend and cancels one of Cameron’s weekends to do it. Cameron ends up going to their house in Nevada for an unauthorized visit.
  6. Rachel was still furious with Nina over the events of last episode but at the end is beginning to lighten up.
  7. Gary is Twittering from @Anna_Lives to honour Anna, who he knows is dead, can he stop screaming and move home now?
  8. From a reference to “August” by Senator Burton to an “August Medical Photic Stimulator,” Lee decides the stimulator is key and finagles or smuggles the unit out of the hospital. He doesn’t know what it does, but he figures the Forge-like Skyler can determine that for him.

Rachel holding a grudge against Nina rang true. Just because someone is a “good guy” does not mean that they are not allowed to have any of the darker, stronger feelings.

Speaking of which, is that guilt we see as Lee pushes the recovering Nina right into strenuous and questionable activities?

Adam is a powerful, troubled Alpha. Lee is sending him somewhere for treatment and counseling (Binghamton?). Both Cameron and Bill are needed to take him there. In between Lee’s office and the boys hanging out in the lobby, a completely uninformed and normal orderly is assigned to escort this powderkeg on legs? Seems like plotting for convenience.

Rachel takes Gary to Anna’s funeral. Lee hopes it will give him some catharsis. They’ve been handling him for how long? And they didn’t think to coach him on what is and isn’t appropriate to say at an event like this?

We all know that Gary had strong feelings for Anna, but why are his feelings for the team so casual and unimportant? Why would he let the whole team die in favour of an Anna he knows to be imaginary?

With the infrasonic Alpha, Jason, we are again given a pseudo-scientific explanation for powers that don’t even hold up to high school level analysis. Even Lee is allowed to say he doesn’t know how an Alpha works. Either be vaguer or more rigorous with power explanations. Don’t give us ones that are so obviously wrong.

“Alphas” stars Ryan Cartwright, Laura Mennell, David Strathairn, Azita Ghanizada, Malik Yoba, Warren Christie, Liane Balaban, Noah Reid, Lauren Holly, Erin Way, Connor Price. “Gaslight” was written by Terri Hughes Burton and Ron Milbauer, and it was directed by Leslie Libman.

“Alphas” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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