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‘Chuck’ – Versus The First Bank Of Evil

Chuck and Sarah are going to become bank robbers but they are also going to the chapel and they’re gonna get married

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The First Bank of Evil plays a big part in this chapter of Chuck’s life but there are revelations for Sarah and Chuck that ultimately are much more important.

For Sarah, who sometimes regrets the loss of her long gone innocence, there is a return to it. The wedding dress selection scene was just lovely. There is no other or better way to put it. It was funny and touching and, well, just lovely. In looking back at the episode, this is the scene that first comes to mind.

For Chuck, there is a blow to his innocence that could forever change how he looks at the world, or at least, the C.I.A. While he knows that spying is dirty business, he thinks that his superiors deal honestly with him. Sadly, this is not so and if “Chuck” comes back next season, we could see a slightly different Chuck.

While the bank robbery scene is actually a small part of the plot, it’s a lot of fun. For the gents, there is Sarah in tight black leather and for the ladies, there is Chuck looking and acting like a Quintin Tarantino character. The interspersion of the wedding chat with the robbery dialog is very “Pulp Fiction.”

Although his part in the episode was not a big one, we always love Ray Wise and as a wily villain. Judging by the events in “Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil,” we can expect to see more of him before season’s close. That’s a good thing. We can love to hate him.

Points of Interest

1. We don’t see much of Morgan, Jeff and Lester or Casey in this episode but there are hints of big things to come, at least for Casey and we know that somehow Morgan and even Jeff and Lester will get involved.

2. This episode doesn’t feel like a filler episode as some have recently. It really moves along the story arc.

3. We got another Sarah fashion show. The show’s creators and writers know they have a good thing in Yvonne Strahovsky’s fashion model looks and body.

What Worked

The wonderful wedding dress scene was worth the price of admission and the snappy dialog and good looks of the bank robbery scene was a great bonus.

These things stand out but the whole episode had the quintessential Chuckness that fans of the show love.

What Didn’t Work

There isn’t anything to say here. It all worked.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

“Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil” was written by Henry Alonso Myers and Craig DiGregorio and directed by Frederick E.O. Toye.

Chuck airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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