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‘V’ – Unholy Alliance

Anna challenges religious faith in her quest to find the human soul

This review may contain spoilers.

When it comes to religion and science fiction, not everybody agrees that the two subjects are a good combination. “Unholy Alliance” deals directly with religious convictions, but below the surface the deeper message was about faith.

Jack’s (Joel Gretsch) religious beliefs have complicated his reactions to the actions of the Fifth Column. Below the surface for him lies a story about his time in the military that hints that he may not be all that he seems. Unfortunately, his strong convictions led to the V-inspired video clip pinning him as the scapegoat to the opening violence to Tyler’s (Logan Huffman) fellow V supporters.

In a bold move, Anna (Morena Baccarin) flew Chad (Scott Wolf) to Rome where she asked the Cardinal to denounce any anti-V preaching within the church in order to show support of humans’ faith in the V’s. While in Vatican City, she spotted Father Moreau (Jonathan Walker), a sleeper agent from Diana’s (Jane Badler) reign with an uncanny grasp on the human spirit and soul making him a commodity for Anna.

Jack’s determination to uphold his faith in the cause allowed him to be the bait to find Eli Cohn (Oded Fehr). Once he found his way in, all of them could question Cohn and his purpose. His commonality with Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) in terms of the V’s interference with his wife’s pregnancy and his son’s life shook Erica.

At this point, Erica doesn’t seem to have faith in anything except getting the current job done. Because of her wavering faith that gets pushed in many directions, she was willing to support the “first bite of the apple” according to Jack. Using two Fifth Column members as scapegoats to agent Malik’s (Rehka Sharma) death allowed her to escape immediate scrutiny and gain Cohn’s trust but at what price to group’s collective soul?

Being Erica’s FBI partner has come with a high price. Her longtime academy friend Chris Bolling (Jay Karnes) seemed a great choice for her new partner and a relief to her. However, Bolling still held onto his faith in the system, and acted on orders to investigate Erica more closely. The new partnership came with more difficulty in maintaining her activity within the Fifth Column.

Anna continued her charge against the human soul albeit with human-like obsession. Only willing to talk to his true Queen, Father Moreau revealed the strength he gained from his belief in humans. Both Moreau and Diana revealed their belief in the soul and the V’s ability and need to gain one in order to survive.

Points of Interest

1. Double, double toil and trouble – there are more double agents than you can keep track of. Ryan (Morris Chestnut) acts in the interest of the health of his daughter. Erica’s double life may get her into trouble faster than she thinks. Doesn’t anyone remember that Hobbes (Charles Mesure) has a deal with Marcus 2. (Christopher Shyer)? With sleeper V’s still out there, it may be safe to say that anyone could be living a double life.

3. When Tyler vandalizes the church, he manages to spray paint the V on the wall. That symbol goes beyond the new V logo at the beginning. Again, this is another nice nod to the old while rewriting its new use.

4. When Anna threatened the Catholic church with her new technology, she pitted science and new technology versus faith. The conflict between the two and the fear of technology destroying faith is an old fight that sci-fi viewers are more than used to. If you aren’t, go read a Dan Brown book to catch up.

What Worked

It is the first time where we find out that becoming more of a hybrid rather than trying to maintain species purity may be the only way to survive. When Diana talks to Moreau, it does seem as if she is the good Queen in contrast to Anna even with the blood dripping down her chin.

However, with a nod to how many double agents there are, we may be being lulled into believing in her goodness. She was once the ultimate villain in the original series. Could it be that she may not be all that she seems?

What Didn’t Work

It’s about time that Erica had more difficulty in her double life. One of the weakest plot points has been that the FBI hasn’t picked up her Fifth Column activity before now, especially since she uses a cell phone for all of her communication. Maybe in the 1980s with the original series we might believe that they wouldn’t find out. However, in this day and age it would be too easy to trace her call history.

With the large ensemble, the show is coming dangerously close to having too many storylines for each episode. It is managing to juggle them decently so far, but it can be a delicate act to maintain. Hopefully, the writers are aware of this problem that has hurt other series and franchises.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

“Unholy Alliance” was written by Rockne S. O’Bannon. It was directed by Dean White.

“V” airs at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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