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‘Chuck’ – Chuck Versus The Push Mix

In this second part of a two part story, Chuck doesn’t just get mad … he gets even

This review may contain spoilers.

Frustrated with the events and people who’ve split up his family and ruined his life, Chuck pulls out all the stops and goes to battle and we get an episode that is “Chuck” at its best.

We get everything we love: Linda Hamilton and Timothy Dalton, Jeffster, humor (you have to love the mention of Craigslist Dubai), intrigue and rip-roaring action.

While the first part of this story had us feeling that we were not let in on a lot of events in the past that we should have seen, this episode focused on the present and tied up loose ends. It had a satisfying mix of the spy world and the real world.

And, as Ellie and Awesome prepared for the birth of their baby, things were also getting hot and heavy for Chuck and Morgan on their mission to take Chuck’s mom and Sarah from Volkoff; we knew that at some point, Chuck would have to complete his Campbellian journey to becoming a true hero. What is surprising is that we see that development in his character before the end of the season. He finally gives Sarah the ring and takes on the mantle of a true hero.

That’s a good thing and part of what makes this show a winner.

Points of Interest

1. Although “Chuck Versus the Push Mix” is actually the second part of a two part story, it was written and directed by different people than the first part and was treated very differently from the previous installment.

2. When you get down to the nitty-gritty of this episode, you find it’s all about families coming together after trials and separation and it’s gives us what we have been waiting for all season.

3. While we get closure on major issues, there is something ominous about the custodian buffing the floor in foreground of the last scene. Who might he be and what might he be planning?

What Worked

While Chuck gets even with his foe, he never loses his “Chuckness.” In the midst of battle, he tells his mom that he has to have a talk with her about the use of tranq guns. That’s funny but also so very Chuck.

All of the characters show themselves at their best. Our good guys are really, really good and our bad guys are really, really bad and it makes for an outstanding episode.

The parallelism of the Buy More world and the spy world is in tact. We get to see Jeff and Lester doing what they naturally would by making sure that Ellie and Awesome’s baby doesn’t come into the world with a bad soundtrack.

The people at the Buy More are nice but quirky and we like seeing them that way but only when it makes sense in the story and this time, unlike in the first part of this story, it works perfectly.

As good as the people in the Buy More world are, the villains in the spy world are bad. They are over the top and that’s what makes them fun. Yet, they are not so over the top that they lose their ability to be scary. The balance is maintained and we know that along with their peculiarities, there is some real evil lurking.

What Didn’t Work

There was no fault to be found with “Chuck Versus the Push Mix.” It was a champ all the way.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

“Chuck Versus the Push Mix” was written by Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc and directed by Peter Lauer.

“Chuck” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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