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Stargate: Universe – Malice

Rush and Eli deal with the consequences of Simeons actions

This review may contain spoilers

Hoping for Robert Knepper to be given more room to play as Simeon in the last review, viewers got a chance to see his villainy come to a head in Malice. But perhaps the episode gave more to Rush (Robert Carlyle) than it did to Simeon. Instead of the one-note ambition that seemed to be gone after The Greater Good, Rush showed great depths in his pain and revenge on Simeon.

Viewers got an answer to a basic question of what happens if someone using the stones dies on one end. Ginn (Julie McNiven) switched with Amanda (Kathleen Munroe) to help Rush work Destiny. But when Simeon killed Ginns body on Destiny, it killed Amanda on Earth as well. So much for anyone hoping that Eli (David Blue) and Rush might have a semblance of a love life.

Why did Simeon attack Ginn? It turned out that Ginn and Simeon belonged to the same clan, and that they had a connection to a plan to attack Earth. Now the only one who could give information was Simeon who already jumped to another planet with Dr. Park (Jennifer Spence) in tow. All of a sudden, Rush became a man of action using his passion for another person rather than the quest of the ship. It was unfortunate that his humanity came at such a steep price.

Lt. Scott (Brian J. Smith) and Sgt. Greer (Jamil Walker Smith) along with their team went to find Simeon, but Scott eventually had to try and reign in Rushs vengeance. Simeon kept showing his militant intelligence in his evasion and eventual attack on Lt. James(Julia Benson) team. Although Scott and Rush came to an understanding about trust and moving on, Rush managed to go out on his own to find Simeon.

On Destiny, their problem remained of how to control the ship. Even with everyone on the planet looking for Simeon, the ship could only stay out of FTL for so long. A very upset Eli did little to help. However, Chloes (Elyse Levesque) alien-modified brain did manage to crack the codes, but it also reminded everyone how much of a danger she could be.

With Simeon and Rush, it became a test of the wills against each other. While the viewers are used to Rush and his intelligence, he seemed lost in his anger only able to come up with solutions at the last moment. Luring Simeon into the open, he finally managed to have him trampled by a herd of alien animals. In the end, Simeon offered information, but Rushs anger allowed him to kill him instead.

Perhaps it was purposeful when Rush found Scott and his team waiting for him at the gate to remind us of the air of hope that Rush tried to build previously. Rush is now a torn man between his grief, his purpose, and what hes willing to quench both. But it was Scotts question that hangs in the air for all of us: What if he could have prevented an attack on Earth?

So will the show soon deal with split narratives again both on Destiny and on Earth? What will happen with Chloe, her newfound mathematical abilities, and the ship? And now that Rush finally opened himself up again as a person, what will happen if he shuts down again? Questions are always good to bring us into a climax, and the show seems to be getting ready to do just that.

What Worked

It would have been odd if everyone had just gotten along after every resolution. What if the Lucian Alliance people had just been immediately integrated, or what if we saw Rush getting along with everyone on the ship after declaring that he wants peace with Col. Young? It would become a show that was too convenient and too easy to predict.

What worked in this episode is that the hope of unity and working together that was set up was immediately taken apart by the death of Ginn. It complicated things for Rush and Eli. The naysayers who do not like Rush cannot disagree that Robert Carlyles portrayal continues to make him one of the most interesting contributors to the Stargate: Universe franchise.

What Didnt Work

Other than Ginn, Simeon, and Varro (Mike Dopud), where have the rest of the Alliance been? Now Varro tells Young that he should have warned him against Simeon. Seems a bit late, doesnt it? Besides Ginns early beginnings of love with Eli, the Alliance members have been very one-dimensional characters. It seems incredulous that all of a sudden Simeon is that big of a threat with no warning. Also for fans of Greer, we never got the fight between the two that we so richly deserved.

Either give Varro something to do other than be a mouthpiece of exposition or get rid of the Alliance members on board Destiny. Unless they are going to add to the conflict on Earth, they seem like dead weight.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

“Stargate: Universe” stars Robert Carlyle, Brian J. Smith, David Blue, Jamil Walker Smith, Louis Ferreira, Elyse Levesque, Ming-Na, and Alaina Huffman. Malice was directed and written by Robert C. Cooper.

Stargate: Universeairs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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