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‘Chuck’ – Chuck Versus The Fear Of Death

A fantastic start to a two-part episode

This article may contain spoilers.

This is a two part episode, so we cant pass final judgment on the story yet but the first part has us wanting more and thats a good endorsement.

While the situation Chuck finds himself in is quite serious and life threatening, we get the humor and human touch we expect from the show. The efforts to get the intersect working for Chuck after his mother has used a device on him that seems to have rendered it useless, are extreme and in that extremity lies the humor.

We also get a good dose of Jeff and Lester antics. Summer Glau as Greta does a nice job as straight woman for the psychotic duo.

The human touch is apparent in not only the scenes involving Chuck and Sarah but in the relationship of Morgan and Casey and their relationship to others at the Buy More.

Rob Riggle and Richard Chamberlain are perfect in their roles as CIA agent Rye and villain Adelbert De Smet. They are both over the top but thats what this episode is all about. Everything is over the top and its a fun ride for the viewer.

What Worked

The crazy, sometimes corny, outlandish antics worked well. The mix of humor with what could be deadly consequences is not easy to pull off but once again, Chuck has managed to do it. The juxtaposition of what is happening at the Buy More and in the spy world is clever and ultimately satisfying. We never want to lose sight of the overall picture. The people in Burbank are as important in Chucks life as the new found friends in the spy world.

Rob Riggle as CIA agent Rye makes us laugh and yet wonder if hes not just a bit too crazy to be tasked with helping Chuck. We wonder if the reports of his death are greatly exaggerated because its Chuck and we know that in fiction, heroes and villains often come back from the dead.

Richard Chamberlain is always a welcome sight. He doesnt come out of retirement very often and when he does, he gives us a good show. Hes pretty darn scary as Chucks nemesis. We have to wait for the second part of Chuck Versus the Fear of Death to see just how evil he can be.

What Didnt Work

No fault could be found with this episode. There may be something to be found in the finale of the story but so far, so good.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Chuck Versus the Fear of Death was written by Nicholas Woottan and directed by Robert Duncan MacNeil. Chuck stars Zachary Levi, Yvonne Stahovsky, Vic Sahay, Scott Krinsky, Joshua Gomez, Adam Baldwin, Bonita Friedericy, Summer Glau, Rob Riggle and Richard Chamberlain.

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