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Warehouse 13 – Reset

The end of the world is scary, but nothing compares to the pain of losing a partner

This article may contain spoilers.

Last week revealed what we had suspected all along: H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray) was a villain — and like any villain, she had her own warped reasons for wanting to destroy the world. Whereas at the end of season one, MacPhearson (Roger Rees) just wanted to sell artifacts to the highest bidder and get his revenge on those who rejected him; in Helena’s case, she was so distraught over the sins of humanity that she sought to destroy the world before it could inflict anymore pain in the universe.

She despaired that it was not worth saving if it such monsters as the men who killed her daughter could still exist. Fortunately, Myka (Joanne Kelly) was able to plead with her that not everyone deserved to die for the sins of just a few — to not condemn the entire human race because Helena had suffered losing a child.

In what should have been a mighty epic showdown of good versus evil, ended with a debate about whether humanity was worth saving. The ultimate question became: who gets to decide who lives or dies?

But along the way, there were a few detours and distractions. After a very fun, yet tragic Indiana Jones-esque adventure to break into Warehouse 2 in order to break its connection to Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) and save her life, this week dealt with an avalanche of after-effects.

It was a race against the clock from Egypt back to the Warehouse to Paris and back again — only to end up Wyoming to stop Helena from using the Minoan Trident to cause a volcanic eruption that would destroy the entire planet and bring about another ice age. As Helena had prepared for the many contingencies necessary to slow them all down so they did not stop her before she could complete her mission, it was fortunate that all hands were on deck. Particularly after Helena revealed that she had sent a “present” to Kelly (Paula Garces) placing her in jeopardy. Pete (Eddie McClintock) then had to choose between his job and the love of his life. But in his mind, there was only one option and he raced to save Kelly from the nasty Lizzie Borden compact. Naturally, then Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) had to rescue him when Kelly got the drop on Pete.

That only left Myka and Artie (Saul Rubinek) to persuade Helena that destroying the world would not assuage the pain and disillusionment she felt with the human race. Yet, Myka feeling bitterly betrayed for trusting and believing in Helena managed to get through Helena’s pain and rage and talked her off her murderous ledge.

In the end, all was well and ends well, but there were whispers of doubt and many hearts left bleeding on the floor. Pete lost Kelly who was devastated that she tried to kill him — regardless whether she was under the influence of some mystical artifact. Claudia was still reeling from the revelation that she is next on the list to succeed Mrs. Frederic as the keeper of the Warehouse. Artie was distraught that no one had listened to him about the threat Helena had posed. And Myka was beside herself that she not only trusted a woman who wanted to destroy the world — but that she nearly helped Helena accomplish it. Each had their own cross to bear and they are still reeling from the emotional shock. Season three will reveal whether they have recovered sufficiently to face their next great villain.

What Worked

The scenes where Pete confided in Myka about the depths of his feelings for Kelly were particularly touching. Comic, goof-ball Pete had fallen in love and yet was willing to take a stand and declare to the world that he loved Kelly. She was to be his “one.” The one person he could tell what he really does — that he could share his life with. It was all that much heart-breaking when Kelly freaked out and refused to be Pete’s “one.”

So when Pete considered leaving the Warehouse forever so that he could have a normal life, Myka was there and talked him out of it. She gave him this beautiful speech about how Pete was born to be a Warehouse agent. Which only hurt that much more when it was revealed that Myka had quit and had not bothered to stay and say good-bye.

Myka left a “Dear John” letter for Mrs. Frederic to read to everyone. Myka could not live with the guilt that she had endangered all of them — in fact, the entire planet — because her instincts had led her to trust the wrong person. The self-doubt was eating away at her and she knew she would be a liability and danger to them all if she stayed.

Yet the double-loss of the woman he loved and his partner is bound to drive Pete a bit over the edge. It opened the door to some fascinating emotional stories for the third season and it will be intriguing if Myka is convinced to return or if she refuses to return.

Similarly, when Artie told Claudia that nothing was set in stone and she was still free to live her life as she chose regardless of whether she was predestined to be the next Warehouse caretaker, with that kind of black cloud hanging over her, perhaps Claudia will also bail and try to live a normal life.

Just how much abandonment can Pete take? Will he crack or will a new partner be recruited to try to take Mykas place? What would the Warehouse look like with fresh faces on the team? Will this fractured team ever be the same again?

What Didn’t Work

After seeing how bent and broken Helena is by her rage and pain, it seemed foolish for the Regents to elect to keep her locked up rather than encasing her in bronze again. Helena has proven to be a formidable opponent and with her devious mind, she is too dangerous to be allowed any inch of freedom. She had been incarcerated in the Bronze Section and yet still managed to escape and nearly destroy the world. The wisest decision would have been to return her to the Bronze Section and not toy with a woman who will do anything to get what she wants. That kind of dangerous mind is exactly what the Bronze Section was designed for. It should not be let to waste.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

“Reset” was written by Jack Kenny and Nell Scovell and directed by Constantine Makris. “Warehouse 13” stars Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Saul Rubinek, Genelle Williams and Allison Scagliotti. “Warehouse 13” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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