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Where Have We Been? And What Could Help Bring Us Back?

Michael Hinman breaks his silence …

Yes, I know this is showing up in the news section, and it probably should be with our columns. But I hope you understand why I wanted to make sure that people had a chance to read this.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been active, mostly because I just really needed a break. Real life really got busy, and to be frank, advertising dollars are not what they used to be, and it actually costs me money to keep things going, without the site making anything at all.

I’ve taken time to write a couple screenplays, and to work real hard at my day job. But I have to admit, after 15 years, I miss Airlock Alpha, and I miss doing work for 1701News. And while all I need to do is start writing for our Star Trek site, what to do with Airlock Alpha? That’s another story.

There are times I’m not sure if I can keep putting money into the site. I haven’t been doing it now, and that’s not fair to those who are hosting the site, and still helping us out in those areas. But if we are to bring the site back, we have the writers and even a very talented editor ready to take over.

What we need, however, is a programmer. Someone who can get the site refreshed, to fix some of the things that have broken over time, and to help us either get back and running on this server (where we can pay the great people who host it), or move to a new server.

But programmers are hard to find. Nearly 15 years ago, I could write a quick story that sounded less desperate than what I am doing now, and we would be able to pick and choose. And we did that — we picked Shane Churchman, who is extraordinary (not just as a programmer and designer, but as a person, too). And as much as I would love to have Shane here still, life moves forward, and we have to move forward.

So are you a programmer who wants to see Airlock Alpha return to its glory days? What would be in it for you?

Well, the best I can do is offer profit sharing. There are no profits at the moment, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be any in the future. They may never be a lot — but they would be here.

You’d also join a team of people who are dedicated to covering science-fiction and horror. We may only be two sites now, but that is so we can focus on these two things, and make them extraordinary. We love what we do, and we treat each other like family … and we want you to be a part of that family, too.

So if you’re a programmer who knows something about Drupal, maybe a little about design, and want to give us a big hand, then let’s talk. Send me an email directly at It’s my personal email, and I will respond right away.

Let’s bring Airlock Alpha back, and let’s do it together.

For those of you who keep coming back and looking for news, I apologize — but I also thank you for your dedication. It means a lot to me, and if we can get this ship going again, we will definitely do it. So please don’t give up on us yet.

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