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‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Teases Fun Ride

17 minute preview, or how I went from ‘Uh oh’ to ‘Yay!’


I had the very recent opportunity to see 17 minutes of “Guardians of the Galaxy” in IMAX and 3-D at my local theater. My fabulous husband got the special preview passes, and I appreciated the chance to put a couple of fears to rest.

I have a love of most of the Marvel movies; although, I admit I had reservations about this one, even with James Gunn at the helm. Ever since “Slither” I’ve been a huge fan of his, but I still had some concerns. The Aug. 1 release date made me nervous.

May to July is generally when the big summer tentpole movies are released. August and September usually become the dead zone where the less effective movies are dropped, and things don’t look up until October when the holiday films start to get come out. Don’t even get me started about movie releases in January and February. It’s where the crappy films go to die.

Given this observation, I was worried about the release date of “Guardians of the Galaxy” being in August, and it was no help that the first trailer didn’t really grab my attention. I was never big on the comic, but I understood the connection to “The Avengers,” so I understood why Marvel was moving forward with the film.

Having said this, I was delighted by what I saw. I won’t give too much away except to say it was a prison escape scene that worked on every level. There was a good amount of humor, character development and action within the short clip, and this gives me hope that this film will deliver the same way other successful Marvel properties have.

The cast is solid; although, this was never an issue for me. I’m particularly a fan of Chris Pratt (Peter Quill), and his excellent comic timing worked well for him during his scenes. Oh, by the way, Groot is awesome.

One more thing: The 3-D is amazing. I often won’t see films in 3-D as they are too dark or the 3-D seems like an afterthought, even in IMAX. This was not the case here. It was bright, clean and beautiful. I haven’t seen it look this good since “Avatar.”

Obviously 17 minutes may not be enough to gauge a whole movie, but if it is, we are in for a fun ride.

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