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Party ‘Game Of Thrones’ Style

How to prepare for your very own viewing celebration

After a long wait, “Game of Thrones” fans are eager to see their favorite faces back on the television screen.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the Season 3 finale delivered 5.4 million viewers, and Season 4’s debut is expected to draw even more. Until that exciting moment arrives, viewers are psyching themselves up with carefully crafted “Game of Thrones” viewing parties. Whether the intent is to launch Season 4 in style or relive the glory of past seasons, a “Game of Thrones” party serves as the perfect opportunity to truly immerse yourself in a different world.

Decorating as Your Favorite House

Once you’ve sent out the invites, it’s time to start planning out your party’s decor. As you’ll likely have noticed, the sets for “Game of Thrones” are vastly different, from the chill of The Wall to the cultural glamor of Qarth. Your best bet is to choose your favorite region and decorate accordingly. For example, a House Lannister party might include nods to the Iron Throne, while a House Tagaryen party would feature dragon eggs. After you’ve established your basic theme, you can choose colors accordingly, incorporating your selected scheme and get inspiration or goods from party supply stores like Party Pail.

Costumes Required

Half the appeal of “Game of Thrones” lies in its extremely intricate costume and set design. Costume designer and embroiderer Michele Carraghar is largely responsible for this accomplishment; although, she tells Spin that her costumes serve merely as a reflection of the compelling characters. While you may not be able to recreate Carraghar’s level of mastery, you can add an enjoyable element to your party by asking guests to dress up as their favorite characters. This costume idea will work better for a smaller party setup, especially if you’re hoping to avoid duplicates. Consider arranging the costume planning process via Facebook or email so no two outfits are repeated.

Incorporate the Red Wedding

As you may recall, Season 3 ended with a bang, with several favorites falling at the infamous Red Wedding. If you can stomach the prospect of a food and beverage setup based entirely on death, consider modeling mealtime after the Red Wedding. You’ll need fruit punch, of course, to represent all the blood. You’ll also want a Red Wedding cake, perhaps in the vein of the one Maisie Williams (otherwise known as Arya Stark) enjoyed at the “Game of Thrones” Season 3 DVD launch, according to Hey U Guys.

Games for Game Of Thrones

A “Game of Thrones” marathon may provide more than enough in terms of entertainment, but if you’re looking to mix it up, consider incorporating a few games of your own. Drinking games work nicely while you’re watching old episodes. Simply spike the punch from your Red Wedding meal plan and have everyone take a drink whenever Joffrey does something obnoxious. If you can hold off on having your party for a few months, you’ll also be able to incorporate the upcoming “Game of Thrones” video game, which Huffington Post reports will be designed by the creators of the popular “Walking Dead” game.

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