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The Fannish Life: The Day Of The Doctor

Self-proclaimed Whovian Ann Morris muses about the upcoming anniversary

Like Whovians all over the globe, I’ve been anxious to see the 50th anniversary “Doctor Who” special and the new season.

We know we will see the exit of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor and the entrance of Peter Capaldi as the 12th, but what else will be there for us?

Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be.

Oh, sorry about that. Sometimes, I just can’t help reacting to a song cue. The song is “Que Sera, Sera,” which as it turns out is sung at English football matches when a team is progressing to the next round of competition that might take them all the way to Wembley Stadium.

Those of us who are avowed Anglophiles as well as Whovians will store that informational tidbit away in the brain vault. Whovians not from the United Kingdom tend to crave this kind of thing. I plead guilty to the same.

Steven Moffat has been very tight-lipped about the actual events we will see. He promises the most interesting entrance ever of the new doctor, but there’s not a word about what that actually means.

I thought Smith’s entrance was pretty interesting, and I’m wondering how it can be topped. Could things blowing up be involved? That would work for me. In real life, I don’t often approve of things blowing up but in movies and television, things that blow up good (old “Second City TV” reference there) are a fave of mine.

What will the new Doctor look like? We know what Capaldi looks like from photos we’ve seen on our friend the Internet, but any pictures that would show us how he will look in makeup and costume as the Doctor have been quite well guarded.

It seems unlikely to me that we’ll be going back to the days when the Doctor wore clothing that was rather outlandish compared to everyday wear for the people living in what was then modern-day Britain.

Once, when I was part of a costuming panel at a Doctor Who convention, I was asked which Doctor’s costuming was my favorite. For me, it was Jon Pertwee’s over the top and yet not as out of the mainstream as Colin Baker’s Doctor I like the best. That being said, I don’t want our new man to go back to any earlier incarnation’s style exactly.

Doing what Smith’s Doctor did and wearing an updated version of an earlier Doctor’s style would not be a wrong move. Smith’s look is sort of a mixture of Patrick Troughton’s and Sylvester McCoy’s looks. If they go in a similar way with Mr. Capaldi’s Doctor, I’d like to see a new version of Perwee’s ensembles.

How will our new Doctor relate to Clara?

This is a big question and could create quite the stir should our new companion have romantic feelings for the Doctor. Like many other fans I know, I am not ready to see any more Doctor/Companion love stories.

The fact that the 12th Doctor is much older than the current companion makes me think that we won’t have any snogging or sexual tension to deal with this time around — at least not involving the Doctor and Clara.

If Mr. Moffatt were to show me some more of the Doctor and River Song, I’d be all for it.

I know, I know. She is gone but, guys, it’s “Doctor Who”! This is a show where anything can happen.

What I was hoping for when Clara came on the scene was a companion similar to Sarah Jane. I didn’t get that during most of her time with the 11th Doctor, but perhaps she’ll be wiser and take on a more Jane-ish role.

I don’t, however, think she needs a K-9. It’s not that I don’t like K-9 because I do. I simply think that you don’t need to resurrect everything.

Do you think we’ll get a newly designed Tardis? While it just recently got an interior overhaul, with the advent of a turn in the show we could see some more changes. Although it has always been a police call box, its outside appearance has changed slightly quite a few times. Its color has been bright and shiny sometimes and weather-worn at others as well as there being slight shape changes.

Now that we know its real name is “Sexy” and it’s female, we might imagine that it would like another fashion change or two.

Oh, and how will she react to the new Doctor? I hadn’t thought of that before. Might there be a period of readjustment? That could give us some of the humor we like in our “Doctor Who” episodes. If you’re reading this, Neil Gaiman, you would be needed to write this kind of story. (I am pretty darn sure Gaiman is not reading this, but it could happen.)

During the week of November 18-24, you’ll be able to get a seriously large dose of Who-related programming on the BBC and BBC America. You can get a good fan fix right now by going to the BBC America site’s Doctor Who page.

I’m starting off a Week of Who by attending a gathering of my local group, Tampa Tardis, on the 16th. You can bet I’ll be bringing up the questions I’ve laid out here if nobody else does.

Till next time, as the 10th Doctor would say, “Allons-y!”

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