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5 Coolest Sci-Fi Movie Vehicles

Take the keys to some of the genre’s most legendary rides

In the world of sci-fi, it doesn’t matter if you’re cruising through a desert landscape overrun with bandits, fighting ghosts or cracking criminals’ skulls on the rough-and-tumble streets of a dark and unforgiving metropolis — you’re only as good as the vehicle that gets you from Point A to Point B.

From four wheels to two (or even no wheels, if you’re talking hardcore sci-fi), some of the most iconic heroes of the silver screen aren’t the folks behind the steering wheel, but instead the hunk of metal and chrome muscle said steering wheel is attached to.

In the world of sci-fi, the car really does make the man, and here are five of the most killer modes of transport the genre has ever produced.

KITT (‘Knight Rider’)

Photo by Daniel Dionne via Flickr

Back in the ’70s and ’80s, buddy cop dramas on television were all the rage. There was nothing better than a duo of honorable dudes willing to work ever so slightly outside the law in order to get the job done. Then along came “Knight Rider,” turning the entire genre on its ear. Man matched up with machine, creating the perfect combination of emotion and gut instinct mixed with cybernetic perfection and ice cold logic. Best known for its sleek black frame and side-to-side streaming red light (not to mention the voice of William Daniels, who played Mr. Feeny on “Boy Meets World”), KITT was a car that could walk the walk and talk the talk. When logic and wits didn’t quite get the job done, this bad boy came with an arsenal of high-tech weapons and gadgetry that could pick up any amount of slack.

DeLorean (‘Back to the Future’)

Photo by Pop Culture Geek via Flickr

Not just any DeLorean, the one from the “Back to the Future” series featured all kinds of unique enhancements and upgrades, not the least of which being a Flux Capacitor capable of rocketing this 1980s beauty forward or backward in time. The original eco-friendly automobile, the BTTF DeLorean traded plutonium fuel for a trash compactor that ran on standard garbage. Plus, its doors opened vertically, guaranteed to turn more than a few heads, whether cruising around the Wild West or the late 2060s.

Batpod (‘The Dark Knight’)

Photo by SanGatiche via Flickr

Lace up your boots, strap on a leather jacket and grab a motorcycle helmet because the newest incarnation of Batman is all about taking out the trash in style. While the Tumbler itself is a nifty rolling tank, you just can’t beat its ejectable alternative method of transport, the Batpod. Basically a motorcycle on steroids, the Pod features loads of weaponry, wide tires to handle those tricky corners and the ability to roll said tires sideways.

Interceptor (‘Mad Max’)

Photo by Jjron via Wikimedia Commons

The only reason Max got so crazy in the first place is because he had an awesome car that could back up his cocky swagger. This particular Interceptor has been equipped with all of the gadgets you’d ever need to survive the apocalypse including heavy armoring, window shields and, of course, some good old-fashioned weaponry perfect for mowing down hordes of wasteland cannibals. And now, with a new “Mad Max” movie coming out, there’s bound to be more reasons than ever to love this legendary car.

Ecto-1 (‘Ghostbusters’)

Photo by Chad Davis via Wikimedia Commons

It wouldn’t matter “who you gonna call” if the men and women of the “Ghostbusters” didn’t have a sweet ride to get them to the latest ghoulish goings-on. Featuring an iconic white and red paint job, more than enough storage for your proton packs and a working siren, the Ecto-1 is basically bad news for any critters looking to go bump in the night.

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