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TV Watchlist: When It Rains It Pours

B-movie monster marathon stalks Syfy

Season 3 of “Game of Thrones” has flown by and fans are already at the penultimate episode of the season.

“The Rains of Castamere” is considered the unofficial anthem of House Lannister and it is known by everyone in Westeros. The song recounts the brutal victory over the treasonous House Reyne of Castemere, Lord Tywin literally destroyed House Reyne after beating them in war when they attempted a rebellion.

“And who are you, the proud lord said, that I must bow so low?” the Lannister song warns. “Only a cat of a different coat, that’s all the truth I know.In a coat of gold or a coat of red, a lion still has claws, And mine are long and sharp, my lord, as long and sharp as yours. And so he spoke, and so he spoke, that lord of Castamere, But now the rains weep o’er his hall, with no one there to hear. Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall, and not a soul to hear.”

One thing for sure is that blood will be shed and many are going to die before the finale. Only two episodes are left and this will certainly be one to remember.

Speaking of memorable dates … In honor of Memorial Day, the Syfy channel is celebrating with a whole day of original movies including “Sharktopus,” “Dinoshark” and “Piranhaconda.” Grab your popcorn and settle in for a day of the most insane monster movies you’ve ever seen!

The television landscape isn’t as bleak as it seems. Each week we’ll countdown the best in sci-fi and fantasy television for the viewer with discriminating tastes. Here is this week’s Watchlist for May 27 – June 2.

Defiance (9 p.m., Syfy)
The show is taking a one week hiatus and will return June 3.

Warehouse 13 (10 p.m., Syfy)
The show is taking a one week hiatus and will return June 3.

Revolution (10 p.m., NBC)
(“Children of Men”) Rachel and Monroe battle with more than wits. Meanwhile, Miles, Charlie, Nora and Aaron get inside the Tower but Tom Neville and son Jason get shut out. Miles and Monroe once again face-off, this time even more lethally

Teen Wolf (10 p.m., MTV)
(“Back to the Pack”)

Weird or What? (9 p.m., Syfy)
(“Ancient Mysteries & End of the World”) Hosted by William Shatner, each episode of “Weird or What?” contains three separate stories of the bizarre and unexplained. As the show unfolds, it weighs various supernatural and scientific theories that attempt to explain the story, and sometimes it features tests conducted as proof of a theory’s plausibility. The show features strange occurrences such as aliens, ghosts, monsters and natural disasters.

Reaper (9 p.m., FEARnet)
(“Reunion”) FEARnet’s Reaper reunion special was shot April 24 at the Medusa Lounge in Los Angeles. In attendance for the special —- hosted by TV and web personality Angie Greenup -— were series stars Ray Wise, Tyler Labine and Bret Harrison, as well as Rick Gonzalez, Ken Marino, Christine Willes and series creators Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas.

The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius (7 p.m., Discovery)
(“Waterfall”) The competitors must build a waterfall-powered elevator.

Mythbusters (9 p.m., Discovery)
(“Battle of the Sexes – Round 2”) The team test gender-based clichés. Included: asking for directions; parallel parking.

NOVA (9 p.m., PBS)
(“Manhunt: Boston Bombers”) Examining the role that technology played in the search for the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings. Included: the technological innovations that worked, as well as those that didn’t; how the world of crime fighting may change in the future.

The Graham Norton Show (10 p.m., BBC America)
Trademark monologues, celeb chat, eccentric stories and Graham Norton too! Tonight the U.K.’s most popular television host is joined by Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Michael Douglas, Bradley Cooper, Heather Graham and Selena Gomez.

Hannibal (10 p.m., NBC)
(“Buffet Froid”) BAU investigates a murder in which two victims’ faces are similarly mutilated; given a “Glasgow Smile.” For the first time, Will (Hugh Dancy) contaminates a crime scene thinking he committed the first murder and an MRI shows he suffers from Advanced Encephalitis. But Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) intimidates the attending physician, Dr. Sutcliffe (John Benjamin Hickey) into telling Will he’s okay. Meanwhile, the team doubts Will, who says, while revisiting the crime scene alone, that he saw a mysterious, “dead-looking” woman (Ellen Muth) who may be involved. With his fears fed by Hannibal, Will returns to Dr. Sutcliffe for more mental health tests, when the doctor is murdered.

Space Warriors (8 p.m., Hallmark)
(“Original Telefilm”) The son of a retired NASA astronaut, who lived on the International Space Station, makes his dreams of traveling to outer space come true when he competes to win a seat on the next space shuttle in this spectacular real-life look into the world of Space Camp.

Da Vinci’s Demons (9 p.m., Starz)
(“The Hierophant”) Leonardo constructs a suit for underwater transportation and takes to the sewers to enter the Vatican, where he meets the pope and a mysterious prisoner. Meanwhile, Giuliano reveals the identity of spy in Rome.

Merlin (10 p.m., Syfy)
(“The Diamond of the Day – Part Two”) Series finale. And so it seems the Prophets did not lie. As the great battle rages on Camlann’s mighty plain, Merlin faces his moment of destiny. Can he find the strength to save the man he made a King, the Camelot they fought to build and the brotherhood they shared?

Wizards vs. Aliens (7 p.m., The Hub)
(“Two-Part Premiere”) Kicking off with an action-packed two-part episode, the series follows Tom Clarke (Haran), a 16-year-old teenager who’s hiding a secret — he’s a wizard. Bound by secrecy to never reveal his powers, Tom confides in his best friend Benny Sherwood (Ascott) and together they embark on a dark crusade to save the world against Nekross, an alien race determined to drain the world of magic. Mentored by his enchanted grandmother (Annette Badland, “Doctor Who”), Tom must use his growing powers on an evil force he never imagined existed until now.

Orphan Black (9 p.m., BBC America)
(“Endless Forms Most Beautiful”) Sarah’s last chance to bring her nemesis back to sanity slips away as Art intervenes to get answers of his own on the season finale.

The Nerdist (10 p.m., BBC America)
Season finale. Chris Hardwick hosts an interview show about what it really means to be a nerd accompanied by Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. Tonight’s guests include Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Zach Galifianakis and Natasha Leggero.

Outrageous Acts of Science (10 p.m., Science)
(“Dukes of Havoc”) Mind-boggling experiments are not just conducted in laboratories anymore. The fast-paced series scours the web for the best amateur and professional scientist whose homegrown research has gone viral.

Game of Thrones (9 p.m., HBO)
(“The Rains of Castamere”) Robb presents himself to Walder Frey, and Edmur meets his bride. Jon faces his harshest test yet. Bran discovers a new gift. Daario and Jorah debate how to take Yunkai. House Frey joins with House Tully.

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