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SciFriday: ‘Warehouse 13’ Is Definitely Worth Saving

But is Syfy even considering an abrupt end to series?

It’s hard to even have a conversation that includes both “Warehouse 13” and “cancellation” in the same sentence. But it makes it much easier when you add a third word to that mix: “Syfy.”

Just a few years ago, “Eureka” reigned supreme, and it was widely believed that series would either have a long run, or at the very least, go out on its own terms. Instead, it suffered an abrupt cancellation and a bungled attempt to appease fans by ordering more episodes and then taking them away again.

Now, “Warehouse 13” is the top scripted show on Syfy. It also remains a true Syfy “original” in a sense that it was the first scripted series to premiere on Syfy after its brand change in 2009.

But is “Warehouse 13” facing closure?

Most likely not. But the fact is, Syfy has not yet picked up the show for another season, waiting instead to see how well it does against network shows in the build-up to May sweeps to make that decision.

Hopefully it will be an easy one for Syfy. Audiences will be back, showrunner Jack Kenny can breathe a sigh of relief, and the Teslas can go back on the chargers. Or audiences aren’t back, and instead of writing new episodes, we could see a creative staff working instead on eulogies.

The bad guy in this, of course, has to be Syfy, right? No. Not really. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Syfy is not known for making popular decisions when it comes to the fate of shows (and they can’t even seem to make up their minds sometime), but in the end, Syfy is a business, and that business has to find ways to balance both art and profit.

And there are times that “Warehouse 13” seems to be almost the Jay Leno of Syfy. Yes, it gets good numbers — and in fact, better numbers than any other scripted program — yet it always seems that Syfy is looking for something better, something different. Like “is the money we make from ‘Warehouse 13’ just as fun to spend as the money we get from our reality shows.”

Syfy has made a huge commitment to the scripted form, and is balancing that with unscripted shows. No one will deny that. And no one should rightfully accuse Syfy of preferring a reality show over a scripted one.

Yet, the fact that Syfy has not picked up “Warehouse 13,” and instead left the show in limbo at mid-season is worrisome. It’s almost impossible to predict which way Syfy will go in something like this, and so the anticipation can be almost as nerve-wracking for the cast and crew (let alone the fans) as lawyers waiting for the U.S. Supreme Court to finally make a decision.

The fan base for “Warehouse 13” is strong. The cast is phenomenal, the writers bust their ass, and somehow, each new episode feels more fresh than the previous one.

Everything creative has peaks and valleys, but for us, “Warehouse 13” is still climbing that creative mountain — and has already reached some amazing heights. We need Pete and Myka, Claudia and Jinx, Artie and Mrs. Frederic to keep climbing, because we’re not yet ready to have them make their way back down.

Not yet.

“Warehouse 13” returns April 29 at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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