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The Fannish Life: ‘Warehouse 13’s’ Fractured Fairy Tale Romance

Lindsay Wagner makes her return to the popular Syfy show

If you’ve been watching “Warehouse 13” the past couple of seasons on Syfy, you might be thinking it’s about time for Artie and Dr. Calder to step it up in the romance department. Well, the powers that be for the show think so, too.

You know, however, that the course of true love cannot run smooth for Artie, played by Saul Rubinek, and Vanessa.

In a recent conference calls with news outlets that included Airlock Alpha (and me), Lindsay Wagner, who portrays Dr. Vanessa Calder on the series, divulged a bit about what we can expect from “Fractures,” the next episode of “Warehouse 13.”

Artie and Vanessa have taken their relationship to a more intimate level and are in the midst of a weekend rendezvous when Alice comes through Lewis Carroll’s mirror. If you recall anything about the “Warehouse 13” version of Alice, you know this cannot be good. Indeed, it is really quite a bad thing.

More than that, I cannot tell you because Wagner was sworn to secrecy about further details.

Wagner — famous for her role as Jaime Sommers in “Bionic Woman” — has been mostly taking a break from acting for the past eight or 10 years to concentrate on her “Quiet the Mind, Open the Heart” workshops and seminars, but has begun to dabble a bit again. She says she has been poking around to see what opportunities for series television might be out there for her.

Her experiences working on “Warehouse 13” have been positive. The cast and crew have become a well-oiled machine and it feels like family working with them.

I’m always interested to know what entertains entertainers. Wagner was a little hesitant to answer my question about what she likes to read and watch. Reading was never a pleasure for her growing up because she was dyslexic. Though she is not bothered by dyslexia now, she confines her reading to what she needs to study for her workshops.

She credits having had dyslexia with prodding her to be highly creative. She had to be so to get through school.

Though she didn’t say so, I imagine that she either had or developed a fantastic ability to memorize, which would certainly have been helpful in an acting career.

While she says she doesn’t watch a lot of television, she is happy to see that there are a lot of new shows that have characters solving problems with intelligence rather than physicality. I suggested to her that she was getting to be a part of that trend by being in “Warehouse 13” because it’s a show with an intelligent audience that enjoys the show’s intelligent characters. She seemed pleased by that.

I’m not one to be star struck and I don’t have any trouble speaking with actors, but some are more accessible than others. Wagner makes you feel at ease. She is a very calm person who makes you feel you are just chatting up a new friend.

When asked if she were like her characters, she responded by saying that she brought bits of her personality to the roles rather than becoming like the characters. For her role as Vanessa Calder, the writers of “Warehouse 13” added the bits about her teaching Artie “tapping” because they knew she uses and teaches acupressure. She commented that they didn’t get it exactly right, but it was close and it was good.

She also likes the fact that the show is featuring a romance between two of the older characters. It’s nice to show the world that people over 50 fall in love and like a little romance in their lives just as younger people do.

“Warehouse 13” is about the unexpected, but I expect there will be fun to be had watching “Fractures.” I’m looking forward to a little Alice, a little danger and a little romance.

“Warehouse 13” airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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