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SciFriday: I Don’t Know Where To Begin

Is this type of violence really part of our human nature?

Thursday night, I was lined up to see “The Dark Knight Rises.” I was back in Florida after a week in San DIego for Comic-Con there, and I could not wait to see the conclusion of a trilogy featuring my favorite comic book character.

As I left the theater that night, I had no idea that less than 2,000 miles away, other fans just like you and me were being injured, and actually losing their lives, when all they wanted to do was see a good movie on a hot summer weekend.

It’s so hard to find words for such a senseless tragedy. It really is. Such an act is horrible whenever it happens, no matter where and when it happens. But to stain what is supposed to be a nice escape for many people into the world of make-believe? It just really makes me even more angry.

The media is posting an older photo of the alleged shooter, James E. Holmes. He has a closed-mouth smile that I would just love to knock off his face, and I’m not even a violent person. This monster opened fire in a theater on innocent people, families, children. I watched a KUSA report of one witness who said he saw a young girl carried out of the theater by a police officer — she wasn’t moving and there were what appeared to be bullet injuries to her neck.

How can any of us even react to that? What should we say? What should we do?

Comedy film director Kevin Smith seemed to sum up my initial thoughts in a Twitter feed: “Fuck you, James Holmes. Fuck your ego. Fuck your malevolence. Fuck your guns and tear gas. Fuck you and everyone like you, you piece of shit.”

Yeah, the words are harsh, but they’re actually much nicer than what’s going through my head, and probably most other people, too.

So what do we do now? Should we stop going to the movie theaters? Do we stay home where it’s safer? Do we change our lives to appease one monster in a desperate attempt to protect ourselves?

I say no. You only let assholes like Holmes win. Go to the theater and make the statement that you will not be scared off by such senseless violence, and that people like James Holmes don’t control you.

At the same time, say a small prayer for those who were victimized in Colorado. The shooting there never needed to happen, and those people never needed to be affected in such a way to suffer injury, or to even sadly lose their lives. Honor them by saying you won’t let terror control you.

And pray for a day when we never have to hear about such horrible violence anywhere in the world. People have a right to live, be free and be happy. No one should ever control that. No one.

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