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Special Message: Did You Miss Me? I Missed You

Michael Hinman explains his sudden absence the last few weeks

There are times I wish that we had built this huge media operation where I would have a huge team of writers and editors that would keep things going whether the chief was there or not.

But this is not the old days of newspapers (and sadly for newspapers, it’s not the old days of newspapers, either), so like many online outlets, we’re a site that has a lot of great talent, but depends on a very select group of few to keep the engine running. That engineer here, to the joy and disappointment of many, is me. And when I go down, well, it’s sometimes hard to get things back up and going again.

At the beginning of March, I made the long trip from my home in Florida to where I grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania to visit family, and to get my (thankfully) rare look at snow. It’s good to see my mom, my little sister, my nephew and niece, and a few friends here and there that I grew up with. What wasn’t good, however, is that when I arrived, my mom had a real bad cold, which she unfortunately shared with me.

I ended up being sick a good part of the trip with this cold that just really knocked me on my butt. To top it off, I have a history of rupturing my right ear drum when I fly while suffering from a cold or flu, and I was seriously considering delaying my flight back to Tampa once my little family visiting was over. But for whatever reason, I decided to take the flight, and as soon as the plane touched ground at Tampa International, my right ear drum had ruptured.

Thanks to all of that, my cold turned into bronchitis, something I’ve regularly suffered from since I was an infant, and the combination of no sleep from coughing and no sleep from temporary partial deafness (and then loud ringing) has been a lot for me to bear. While I tried to do things like write and edit stories for here and our sister site, Inside Blip, I would find myself only able to focus long enough to read a couple of emails, and then do mindless things, like play MMOs, until I could fall asleep from pure exhaustion.

I’m not fully recovered yet, unfortunately, but I’m definitely on the mend. I’ve cut back medication significantly, but I’m still coughing (just not as much), and I’m still exhausted. While I had a couple nights this weekend where I slept decently, last night was not one of them, and I would wake up coughing every 20 minutes or so. But I am working hard to stay focused, and to get back to doing what you all love: Our great reporting on entertainment.

We have a great stable of writers, and I feel bad for leaving some of them out in the cold, including some great coverage of the Syfy original movie “Leprechaun” that columnist Ann Morris did. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the story up in time, but we’ll see if we can make it more of an after-the-fact, since I’m sure even if you saw the film, you’re still interested in hearing Ann’s take.

We may be a little slow getting up and going, but we’ll try to pick up speed as the week goes on. Just in the meantime, continue to visit us, continue to write to me (even though I have about 1,000 e-mails to go through, literally), and let your friends know of the great stories you find here. Remember, it’s not just news that you read here, it’s analysis as well. We use our experience to share with you the stories you should know about, and what you can do to change things when they need to be changed. Where else can you get that?

But I wanted to thank you for your patience and well-wishes. I’ve tried to have my assistant keep people updated on Twitter, and many of you have sent well wishes already, and I greatly appreciate that. I promise I’m getting better, and we will get this site updated with some new stories as early as this evening.

So keep watching great sci-fi, and keep reading all about it right here!

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