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A Special 2012 Message For Our Readers

It’s been tough for online news, but there is a way you can help

When the ball dropped in Times Square over the weekend, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in feeling elated that we have put a difficult year behind us, and can look forward to something better.

Not that life has been bad for our sites in the GenreNexus. In fact, based on our traffic numbers, they couldn’t be better.

Yet, we are still in a bad economy. While there appears to be some signs of recovery, one of the sectors that is bound to come back the slowest is advertising. And that includes advertising on your favorite sites, like Airlock Alpha.

Why do we have ads on the pages? Well, to run a website like Airlock Alpha, it takes money. We have to pay servers to host the sites, travel, among other things. Each year, we go to Comic-Con in San Diego, which is a cross-country flight from Tampa, Fla., and is very expensive. Without revenue generated from advertising, we can’t make those trips, and can’t bring you some of the top-notch coverage we do every year.

If you’ve ever owned a blog or a website, you may have put advertising on your site. How it works on Airlock Alpha is a little different. While we do have some ads occasionally that come from Google (meaning, if you click on it, we make a nominal amount of change), many of our ads are done through Gorilla Nation Media. They are a Burbank, Calif., company that handles the advertising across the GenreNexus.

These ads are paid for in a different way. They are paid for based on projected traffic. So a company like, say, Verizon, pays a certain amount expecting 250,000 page views. We then have to deliver that many page views so that we can effectively fulfill that deal.

However, if you use ad-blocking software, chances are, we are not going to get credit for the page view. And in doing so, you not only make it difficult for us to bring you the coverage you look for every day, but could very well threaten the very existence of these and other websites.

I know that there are many sites that have annoying ads, and I know we can be guilty of it, too, from time to time. But I have personally worked closely with our advertising company — who is staffed by some great people — to ensure that ads do not distract from the content on this site in any way. We want you to have a clean, distraction-free experience when you visit Airlock Alpha, and we know that intrusive ads can sometimes get in the way of that.

While we have made some concessions over the years, there are other areas we will not. Ads, like the kind that are found at the top of the page, and push the entire page down to expand, and then pull the entire page back up — all while you’re trying to read something. Or ads that go too much over the words you are reading, getting in the way like an annoying house fly.

And there are others. These are ads that could generate a lot more revenue for Airlock Alpha, but we don’t use them — all because it matters what your user experience is like.

In return, all we ask is that you understand the content you find here doesn’t come for free. This is not a hobby, or just some way to pass the time. We want to be able to continue bringing you great content every day, and we can only do that if you will at least allow our ads to show up in your browser when you open us up.

I know it’s a little self-serving, but sometimes we have to be. One tiny little action on your part could be the difference between having Airlock Alpha here tomorrow — or not.

If you’ve read this far, I bet you do want to see Airlock Alpha for the next 14 years. I want to keep doing it, and would love to have you with us as part of our family the entire way. Thanks for choosing to visit us every day!

By the way, we have some great things planned for 2012. Alpha Waves Radio returns Jan. 12 with new episodes. You can get headlines in your email once again, not just for Airlock Alpha, but soon for the entire GenreNexus — just send a blank email to

And by spring, you’ll be able to see all the news from all three of your favorite sites together in one place: Don’t worry, Airlock Alpha isn’t going anywhere — it will just be one more place you can find the entertainment news and analysis you look for.

Thank you again, and have a wonderful 2012!

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