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Artistic License: WoW Begins Pre-Cataclysm Events

Some new quests that deal with the upcoming Cataclysm went live Tuesday in World of Warcraft

Azeroth is buzzing with excitement.

On the heels of a terrific Hallow’s End (especially with the increased drop rate on the Headless Horseman’s Mount), today was actually starting to be disappointing. Today was the Day of the Dead, one day set aside for people to honor those they have lost. A cute idea, but somewhat flawed, in that one of the best aspects can only ever be done once and not repeated yearly.

Still, many players were running around, enjoying getting to spend time as an undead. That is, until people discovered strange items floating in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. We soon found that Azeroth is now closer to the coming Cataclysm.

Some of the pre-Cataclysm events went live today, and that brought scores of people to Stormwind and Orgrimmar. For those who like the lore of the game, we are learning more of the story. For those who just like fun and rewards, that is there as well.

This quest line takes players through some activities involving the Twilight Cult, who is the force behind the return of Deathwing to Azeroth. Players learn about the Cult, then infiltrate them in an effort to thwart their plans.

The chain is fun, even though it is easy. There is a little bit of running back and forth, but not bad. Level 80 toons earn just over 110 gold for completing all of the quests. I ran a Level 63 through the chain, and earned more than 100,000 experience and 17 gold. A guildmate ran a Level 52 through them and gained over half a level.

Lower level toons can easily gain a whole level, or close to it. There are mobs that must be fought for the last part of the chain, but they scale to the level of the player.

From what I have read on various sites, the next thing we can look forward to experiencing is elemental storms that try to destroy Stormwind and Ironforge, or Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff, depending on faction. These should be exciting, and will likely take large groups of players working together in order to defend the cities. However, the rewards will be nice, as successfully defending the cities will grant access to a set of special event bosses that drop gear that is on par with ICC 10-man drops.

There will also be elemental incursions in other locations throughout Azeroth, Outland and Northrend. These will be level appropriate for the area, and will grant buffs and items that can be turned in for daily quests.

There will be at least one more round of quests coming up soon, also leading into the main event. Add to that Pilgrim’s Bounty the last full week of November, and Winter Veil during the last half of December, and things will get pretty wild.

Oh, and that little thing called Cataclysm on Dec. 7. World of Warcraft will be ending 2010 with a bang!

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