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Dear Syfy: Show Us How ‘Caprica’ Ends … Now

Making fans wait until January to see the remaining five episodes is just dumb

Having a show cancelled that you love and adore is not something that’s easy to stomach.

Learning that “Caprica” got the ax Wednesday from Syfy was heartbreaking for me, as someone who counts “Battlestar Galactica” as one of the greatest television series of all times, and “Caprica” a solid followup to such prestige.

Yet, as if it wasn’t bad enough that Syfy had to be the bearer of bad news, telling us no more episodes of “Caprica” would be made, they had to make it worse. They pulled “Caprica” from the schedule, and will make us wait until at least January to see how the series prematurely concludes.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for Syfy president Dave Howe and the network’s senior vice president of original programming, Mark Stern. The two have been nothing but gracious to Airlock Alpha, and to me, over the years, and I salute them for all the great programming they have put on the network over recent years.

I also completely understand why “Caprica” had to go. The audience wasn’t there. Sure, the pilot was released a year before the series, which then had what was almost an elongated mid-season split, but this show struggled with audiences from the start.

We all know that quality is not defined by the number of people who choose to experience something like “Caprica,” but like all other networks, Syfy is a business, and if a show is not making the margins shareholders who invested their money and resources are looking for, then such programming has to go.

But seriously, Mr. Howe and Mr. Stern: Do we have to hold off the remaining episodes for so long?

When primetime television does it, we understand. Networks have less than 19 hours of programming time each week — even less if it’s Fox or The CW — so when they pull something from the schedule, it makes sense. But Syfy has 24 hours of programming, every single day. Surely, there is room somewhere on your schedule to allow the fanbase that does exist the chance to see the last five episodes?

I looked forward to “Caprica” every single week. The cast, the crew, the writing … absolutely stunning. Bear McCreary’s score? No doubt some of his best work yet.

I don’t want November to come and go without “Caprica.” Yes, it might not be able to work as a “Stargate: Universe” lead-out, but it doesn’t have to be there. Show it on Saturday nights after (or maybe even before) one of your original movies. Show it on Sunday nights. Give us 2 a.m. airings.

I honestly don’t care, just show it to us, please. Why make fans who supported this show suffer because others couldn’t find “Caprica” on their dial, or why they should be making time for it.

This is a chance to show fans that while you couldn’t help keep “Caprica” on the air, the least you could do is give fans closure, without having to wait months or longer.

It’s a simple request that can be easily fulfilled. Please think about it, and let “Caprica” end with the dignity it deserves.

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