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Boldly Going Into The Final Frontier

Two Strips of Latinum: Eternal Image reveals the first ever Star Trek urns

Anyone who saw the movie Spaceballs probably remembers Yogurt’s remarks about merchandising. Over the years, we have seen officially licensed merchandise for almost every thing or need you can imagine.

Three years ago, a company called Eternal Image Inc., announced it was going to be the first to offer caskets and cremation urns for Star Trek fans who want to go into the final frontier of eternity with their fandom proudly proclaimed. Today, the company came through with the announcement on its website and on of the first urns available for purchase.

According to the announcement, there are two models of these urns. Each one comes with the legendary delta shield with an inset picture of the Enterprise flying through space inside it. It also comes with a plate for the engraving of the person’s name and dates at the top.

According to Clint Mytych, president of Eternal Image, the only difference between these two models of the urns is the inscription at the bottom. One model has the inscription, To Boldly Go … while the other model bears the inscription, The Adventure Continues … Both urns come with a suggested retail price of $799.

Currently, pre-orders can only be taken by Osceola Memory Gardens Funeral Home and Cemetery. After Oct. 1, the urns will be available through your local funeral home.

In an interview with me, Mytych related that the idea for the Star Trek line came from a desire for the company, which offers caskets and urn for baseball fans, to offer an entertainment line in its products. He told me that Star Trek was one of the most recognizable brands in the industry and it was felt that there was a market for urns, and in the future, caskets for those who wish to reflect their fandom for all time.

Eternal Image first announced their intention to market the items in 2007, with a photo of a proposed Star Trek casket and an urn that was very unique in design, especially for what the item is. Mytych told me that the photo of the proposed original design was a computer generated one, and the casket is currently in development. The first urn that was shown in those original announcements does actually exist as a one-of-a-kind prototype and rests in the company’s offices.

Mytych told me that it is possible that the original urn will be offered in the future as a limited edition. There are also plans for other types of urns to be offered in the future.

So, if either a loved one, or you yourself, wish to spend eternity with your love of Star Trek proclaimed to the world, here is your opportunity. It is a truly unique way to face the Final Frontier.

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