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And The Emmys Went To …

Two Strips Of Latinum: This year’s results were interesting and unpredictable

One moment in the history of award shows that is stuck in my mind is the year that Bob Hope introduced the Oscars, making the joke that they were known in his house as Passover, (in that he was always passed over for the awards). That is a feeling that fans of science-fiction and the people who make it know all too well.

This year, we were not alone. Tracking this year’s Emmy awards was like trying to track the path of shotgun pellets as the awards went all over the place. While we all knew going in that science-fiction/fantasy was out of the running, there were folks whose work we all have enjoyed who were nominated that I’m sure a lot of us were hoping would win.

All of us who are identified as geeks rejoiced when Jim Parsons won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his work on The Big Bang Theory. Congratulations to Dr. Horrible himself, Neil Patrick Harris for his win for his appearance on Glee.

In the creative awards that were announced on August 21st, Emmys went to Jimmy Fallon for The Jimmy Fallon Experience on in the non-fiction category while the website, won the Emmy for the fiction category for Best Interactive Media.

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumnus Seth Green can rejoice, as he won an Emmy for the Christmas episode of Robot Chicken. An Emmy for Individual Achievement in Animation went to Chris Do for Heart of Stone on

The only other award for science-fiction went to Danny Weselis for his work as stunt coordinator on “FlashForward,” which allows the show’s run to end as an Emmy award winner.

An award that has me laughing still was the Emmy for the Best Commercial which was won by Old Spice Body Wash for their famous (or infamous) commercial of the man sitting on a horse. I have to admit that they got that one absolutely right.

The opening of the show featured a cross-section of stars from all forms of television, in a song and dance number starring the cast of Glee. Among the stars performing in it was Jorge Garcia of Lost.

Another musical routine that brought a smile to my face was the musical tribute performed by Fallon saluting the shows 24, Law & Order and Lost. Fallon’s routine, performing each section as a different singer, was wonderful. My favorite part was when he saluted 24 singing as Sir Elton John with a parody of Candle In The Wind.

Be sure to check it out on YouTube!

At this point when writing about award shows, I usually take a shot at the producers for omitting someone in their annual “In Memoriam,” but not this year. In a statement on their website before the show aired, the producers made clear that they would not be able to honor all the industry had lost in the past year, so they established a complete list on the Emmy website.

On top of that, the producers chose to mention Andrew Koenig in the filmed piece for the show. My hat is off to them for that.

The debate will rage for weeks on who should have won and who should not have. I’m sure fans of Lost, Glee and others will grumble that their favorite person should have won. I, for one, wish Conan O’Brien had won, but that is award shows, folks.

In closing, I want to let readers know that I will be covering Dragon*Con in Atlanta this coming weekend. Follow me on Twitter to get my latest news from the convention and my columns here on Airlock Alpha during the the next week.

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