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YouTube Video About Ray Bradbury Goes Too Far

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One of the most important lessons I learned in life was the importance of humor. It helps one keep their sanity when the troubles of life pile on you.

As a wise man once told me, Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone. However, humor is a very tricky art. One has to be very careful not to take something too far.

Earlier today, I saw a message on Chase Masterson’s Twitter account, which was a retweet that she had received from Jose Molina, which said, Y’all know I’m not prudish, but I don’t think Ray would approve. A little dignity, folks – the man’s a living legend. That quickly got my attention and started me searching for what they were discussing.

What they were discussing was a video on YouTube called “[Expletive] Me Ray Bradbury. It features a young lady wanting to do a lot of things with the legendary author of a very adult nature. While the song has a pleasant tune, the words are extremely not safe for work, or around young kids. (You can see the video by clicking here, however, it’s not safe for work – Ed.).

Listen, I like satire, parodies and the like and have even made one myself that is still famous, or infamous, in my hometown. But this goes over the line, especially considering the target. Maybe it is just me, but I feel that this video is totally disrespectful of a man that is a true, living legend in the world of science-fiction.

Another thing that bothers me is that this video is simply furthering the stereotype of science-fiction fans as geeks who do nothing, but read and watch science-fiction, dream about sex, never have a date, etc. Also, the creator of the video has failed to take into account Mr. Bradbury’s very well-known dislike of the Internet which, I fear, that this will take to a whole new level.

I’m very concerned that all this video is going to do is further anger a man who is very unhappy with the Internet already, give more fuel to a myth about science-fiction fans that is extremely old and decrepit, and further fuel the concept that some actually believe that like the song says from the musical, Avenue Q, says, The Internet Is For Porn.

You know the worst thing about it? It’s not even funny which might have given the video a very small redeeming quality.

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