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Two Strips Of Latinum – Mythbusters: Buster’s Cut

Mythbusters presents their own unique version of ‘Pop Up Video’

While their show is not science-fiction, there are a lot of sci-fi fans who regularly tune in to Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters” to watch the team tackle their myths of the week.

Recently, viewers were treated to a classic episode of the show, but with a new feature.

This presentation, called Buster’s Cut, featured the episode from 2008, Alcohol Myths, in which the team investigates whether being drunk makes the opposite sex more attractive to a person, what is the best way to sober up quickly, and can the ancient weapon — the Hwacha — actually fire 200 arrows at once.

Using the an image of Buster appearing several times during the show, the viewers were told facts that were not included in the episode, including information about the large screen that was used for the two actual alcohol myths. Additional information was given about the different myths and sometimes Buster appeared with simply some interesting trivia involving something seen on screen.

There have been many variations of this kind of show since it came to prominence in the VH-1 show, Pop Up Video, but this one is a very superior attempt. Instead of the information appearing in the screen, obscuring a part of the picture, it appears at the bottom of the screen, where those sometimes extremely annoying upcoming show ads appear on some networks.

The information was entertaining and informative, keeping with the entire theme of Mythbusters (entertaining while sneaking in teaching science to the viewers). It also is a great way to get folks to check out a very humorous re-airing of an episode, with it still being fresh for the viewers.

I hope Discovery will present some other classic episodes of the show in this format. It is very educational (don’t tell the kids that one), informative, and entertaining for everyone in the family.

I urge you the next time you need a break from sci-fi (blasphemy, I know), and Mythbusters airs a Buster’s Cut, give it a look.

Who knows, you might learn something!

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