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The Fannish Life: Geeky Weekend

Though Ann Morris envies those who were at Comic-Con, she found a way to have a geeky weekend of her own

My yearning for the far west and San Diego Comic-Con was mitigated somewhat doing my duty to the local science-fiction convention on which I work, Necronomicon, by participating on panels Friday and Saturday in a local anime conventions science-fiction and fantasy track.

Anime is not a strong interest of mine, but I love the enthusiasm of anime fans. Many of them are costumers, and one of my favorite things about any convention is costumes.

I dont recognize many of the anime characters but I can appreciate good fancy dress when I see it.

One panel I particularly enjoyed was on Geek Culture. The panelists were an example of how geekness is genetically inherited and how geekness attracts geekness.

On the panel with me were my son, my granddaughter and my daughter-in-law.

We had a great audience of fellow geeks. The liveliest part of the hour was when we aired our pet geek peeves. Goofy science was the top-rated peeve. It was satisfying that the audience agreed and laughed with me about the silly labeling of foods as organic or natural. We geeks know that organic means carbon-based and all food that we can use is organic. We also know that if something can exist, whether spontaneously occurring in nature, or having been made by man, it is natural.

The grammar geek in the audience was on our side in this too.

You see a lot of Furries at anime conventions but Furry Fandom existed long before the anime conventions started popping up everywhere. Furry Fandom never appealed to me. I loved cartoon animals but obviously not in quite the same way that Furry Fans love them.

I think its one of those things you either get or you dont get (which can be said of just about every aspect of fandom) and this is one I dont get.

I have never had a desire to dress up as one except for being Bugs Bunny one Halloween when I was a kid.

Though Furry Fandom is not for me, its a nice thing that its found acceptance and approval at the anime conventions. Its hard when your fan interest is on the fringe.

My grandson, who has the great geek name, Beck dArtagnan Optimus Prime Morris, loved the furries. He hugged many of them. I imagine they look like giant stuffed animals to him. Only one of them was too scary to get a hug. What big teeth that wolf had. Even after Daddy hugged the wolf, Beck stood back and only waved.

Our British television shows panel turned into mostly a Doctor Who event, but that was not unexpected. The hardest question someone from the audience asked of us was, Who is your favorite Doctor? This was narrowed down to choosing among the three from the reboot but I couldnt choose.

Im going to digress and divulge now. I was not even going to watch the new Doctor Who.

I had burned out on The Doctor back in the Tom Baker days when they showed the episodes on the educational channel. I only watched the new show due to Newtons law about how a body at rest tends to remain at rest. I didnt feel like getting out of my comfy chair.

As I watched that first episode, Rose, because others in my family wanted to watch, the little Ann in my brain said, Well, crap. I really like this. Now I have to keep watching. I love The Doctor.

After the British shows panel and one promoting Necronomicon, we had a real science panel. The Two Doctors, Kendall F. and Kendall D.W. Morris, were our real life science guys. It was good seeing that quite a few fans were interested in what scientists do in real life.

Its not an easy life being a scientist. Its often challenging finding money to support your research. Its difficult finding time for science and a family, too.

The rewards are knowing that you are contributing to the worlds body of knowledge and sometimes, you discover something that nobody else has ever seen before. Now, thats cool. The audience was left with this most important piece of advice. Dr. Kendall F. told them that they should only become scientists if they know that their lives will not be fulfilled if they do anything else. Having observed science guys in real life, Id have to say that the good ones have a consuming passion for their work.

After the science panel, it was time for all the Morrises to go to their homes but my geeky weekend didnt end at that point. It was Saturday night and though Id seen it before, I watched the Doctor Who season finale while reading a story on my oh so loved netbook.

It was a story that my partner in many a geek adventure, Richard Lee Byers, had sent to me by e-mail. Its a fairy tale told from the ogre-like characters point of view. Youll get to read it in an anthology of opposite fairy tales at a later date.

Being Human was up after The Doctor, so I got caught up on that show. A bit later, I found G4s coverage of SDCC and watched that for a while. I got to see the cast of The Big Bang Theory (my favorite television show, you know), Nathan Fillion in his Green Lantern shirt and some other neat nerd stuff.

I had to give up at about 1:30 though. Morpheus wanted his due.

Oh, but the geekiness of the weekend was not over yet. Sunday afternoon, Richard Byers and I went to see Inception. It had what I like in a science-fiction movie. The story, though complicated, made sense and the special effects were not there just to be awesome. They were there because they were integral to the plot.

The rest of Sunday was for chilling and hanging with the geek family at home.

Thats not a bad way to end a geeky weekend.

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