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Artistic License: Wesley Snipes Teams With Radical For ‘After Dark’

It will be a new limited, comic run

More and more celebrities are trying their hand at new things, even in the world of comics.

Actor Wesley Snipes has teamed up with Radical Publishing to bring readers After Dark, a dark three-part science-fiction miniseries. This week, Radical released a $1 preview of the story, introducing readers to some of the characters we’ll see in the issues to come.

The story, created by Snipes and director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) and written by Peter Milligan, is set in a nightmarish future. Fear, drugs and riots rule this world, and it would seem that they need something to believe in, something that will give them hope. The government tasks a military officer and a man on the run from the law with teaming up to find the woman they believe can save the world.

While the premise is interesting, the story so far seems a bit confusing. With the overall tone so dark, it is hard to tell who might be good and who might be evil, or even if those exist. I get the impression that someone is hiding something that will be important, and I do think the element of mystery is a nice touch. Hopefully, the miniseries itself will clear up some of the initial questions.

The art, by Jeff Nentrup, is excellent. The images give the characters a sense of not just movement at the right times, but also a sense of urgency. While this could easily be just all dark and flat, the art is bold and has depth, helping to not just give the setting, but tell the story as well.

Personally, I’ll be giving this miniseries a chance. It has done what a good teaser book does, which is to get me interested in what comes next.

Also in this special issue is a preview for Hotwire: Deepcut No. 1, created by Steve Pugh and Warren Ellis, and written and illustrated by Pugh. I have to admit to not being familiar with the character of Alice Hotwire until now, but this teaser has made me curious. She is a detective exorcist, in a future where the living and the dead exist together. Again, an interesting premise. Hotwire: Deepcut No. 1 is set for release in July.

Next Thursday, I’ll take a look at another release from Radical, Legends: The Enchanted. This hardcover graphic novel, releasing next week, is a mix of steampunk and fairy tales. With characters such as Pinocchio, Red Hood, and giant-killer Jack, this graphic novel is a dark tale filled with technology and magic.

Beware, this graphic novel is not intended for children, and from the looks of it, it is definitely not your mother’s fairy tale. Radical’s offerings are often for mature readers, and are perfect for those looking for edgy stories with wonderful art.

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