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Artistic License: New ‘Charmed’ Comic Premieres

The Power of Three returns in comic book form

Power of the witches rise course unseen across the skies come to us who call you near come to us and settle here.

The power of the Halliwell witches has been called to new life, in the pages of a comic book series from Zenescope. This week, fans can see the special issue No. 0 of Charmed, which serves to give both new and returning fans a history lesson regarding the Power of Three.

I was impressed with the cover of the issue. There are two covers, one with just the heads of the sisters wafting up out of the Book of Shadows (by David Seidman), and one with the sisters in sexy dresses as might have been worn on the show (by Al Rio and Jose Cano).

They are both very well done, but I have to say I prefer the close up of the faces of these strong and powerful women. In their expressions we see their strength, but with the pastel background colors, we see the softness that is also there. It is this combination that helps make the characters so wonderful, and this illustration brings both aspects together nicely.

The pages of this issue are designed as pages from the Book of Shadows, which was a natural way to present the information in this special issue. The illustrations of the sisters are outstanding, with each of their faces showing the different nature of the three. Having each sister’s biographical page be written by the character was a nice touch, and the text captures each one’s voice perfectly.

Including the information on each sister’s husband worked well, reminding us all of the importance of love in their lives. The In Memoriam page about Prue and Cole was nice, although I would have liked to seen the artists interpretations of these characters as well, rather than the pictures.

Some of the pages were designed to recreate pages directly from the Book as shown in the series, while others appear to be originally designed for this comic. Pages include information about the Halliwell family, Billie, Elders and Whitelighters, Halliwell Manor, and more. Also included are some of the important spells used throughout the series, and entries on some of the sister’s most troublesome foes.

Each year of the show is summarized as a page in the book, reviewing the important happenings in the lives of the sisters and those around them. Each summary page has an appropriate illustration, depicting an important event from that year. The illustrations are nice, but not typical of those usually found in comics. Instead, they are styled as they would be if they truly appeared in the Book.

The last Book of Shadows page will be very familiar to fans of the show. It contains what I believe to be the last entries of the sisters as told to viewers in the voiceover in the last episode (I have to admit that my DVD set is currently on loan to someone, so I cannot verify this). However, I do need to alert readers to something.

It would seem that a vanishing spell has been applied to the text! Several of the words in each section on this page (and only this page) are faded out, as if the ink ran. This makes these words hard to read,
some I would say impossible. I had originally assumed it was a printing error, but I contacted Zenescope, and they tell me that it was actually deliberate.

There is apparently a reason for this, something they don’t want to reveal just yet. Personally, this strikes me wrong, looking too much like an error. Perhaps there was a better way they could have done this.

At the end of the book, there is a short preview of issue No. 1. The story appears to be a typical tale of Halliwell problems, and set a few years after the end of the television series, as we see Wyatt and Chris at what I would guess is a pre-teen age. The artwork style is not what I had hoped, coming across as a bit more cartoonish than I prefer, but it is good, and I believe I will get used to it. From this short preview, it looks as if this book does have promise.

I recommend that any fan of Charmed get this issue. It was nice to read the history of the family and the series without the time investment of watching the series on DVD (even though I do enjoy that).

After seeing No. 0 (laying aside the printing problem), it looks like the future of the Power of Three may be in good hands. We will know in the months and issues to come.

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