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SciFi On TV: The Shows We Lost This Season – Part 1

Looking back at what we had to say good-bye to

It happens every year. Shows have left the air for good. Its a common occurrence, but sometimes it still hurts. We get attached to shows, or characters, even if the show has only been on the air a short time.

But then they are gone, removed from the air for one reason or another. But here, I will take a few moments to remember these shows, for good or ill.

Defying Gravity was a summer series purchased by ABC, not developed by them. And as such, it received little promotion prior to its airing. It was a fun little show, but make no mistake about it, it was a “soap.” The interpersonal relationships of the characters took center stage, leaving the sci-fi elements as window dressing.

Told in the year 2052, it was the story of a crew of eight men and women traveling across our solar system for a six-year cruise. It also filled in the backstory of our characters by using flashbacks to tell of their training for the mission 10 years prior.

Accepting it for what it was, it was an enjoyable show, and I can see why people were drawn into the story so quickly. But it was never meant to be a keeper. Its extremely rare for a drama that premiered in the summer to have a long life. It was purchased to be schedule filler.

I intend to pick up the DVD eventually.

Eastwick also aired on the ABC network, and while the first episode had decent ratings, the show began a steady decline, week after week. Set in the town of Eastwick, the show revolved around three women who were witches. They just didnt know it.

The main problem I had with this show is we had thirtysomething women acting like teenagers, in both their romantic and professional lives. It was somewhat disappointing. They aired this show in the 10 p.m. timeslot, but it felt like teen fluff.

I think a more mature handling of the subject matter might have helped the show. There are a few unaired episode of this series we didnt get in the United States. I would like to see them someday. I have this thing about finishing out a whole series, unless its completely dreadful.

Dollhouse was the surprise of the season, for the fact that it actually made it to a second season. It had poor ratings for its freshman outing, and wasnt expected to return. But Fox had mercy on this show, most likely due to its “assistance” early in the serieslife, which set it off in the wrong direction.

In the second season, the conspiracy plotline took center stage, and the show was better for it. However, the damage had been done. A significant number of viewers from the past season didnt return. The show was actually being beaten by cable series in the ratings.

“Dollhouse” actually concluded its storyline, feeling more like a 26-episode miniseries. I thought the resolution was good, and the final episode, “Epitaph Part 2,” was great. I am picking up this series on DVD. Its just that good, especially in the second season.

After five seasons on the air, Ghost Whisperer concludes its run. Five seasons is a respectable run, and I really cant complain about its passing.

I gave up on the show some time during the fourth season when they killed Melindas husband and had his ghost inhabit a dead mans body. He lost his memories and Melinda started a relationship with the dead man. That was the jump-the-shark moment for me, and I had to bail.

Television will miss Jennifer Love Hewett and her considerable assets. But I wouldnt worry, I am certain she will be back on television in 2011, once she secures a new series. For some reason I see a sitcom in her future.

Unfortunately there are several more series that departed this season, and I will share my thoughts on them in my next column.

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