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Two Strips of Latinum: The Original ‘Star Trek’ Series In 3-D?

President of CBS and fans say no!

The news has been reported around the Internet, most notably at TrekMovie, that CBS is considering marketing the original “Star Trek” series in 3-D. That’s right, folks. If some of the wizards at CBS have their way, you can watch Kirk and Spock jump out of the Guardian of Forever and seemingly into your living rooms through the magic of 3-D television.

There is, however, a very notable individual who is not thrilled with the idea: CBS president and chief executive officer Les Moonves recently stated that he has seen episodes of the series converted to 3-D and they did not impress him, or make him believe that there is a market for such shows.

While the opinion of the head of CBS is important, I had the chance to spend the weekend at a fan club convention with a lot of Trek fans. I decided to talk to a few of them about the idea and see if they would be interested in such a change in their beloved show. After all, what the market thinks is what drives sales.

After three days talking with fellow fans, I could not find a single person who desired or wanted to see the show converted into 3-D. Many expressed the concern that we have seen from the 3-D experience (or lack thereof) with “Clash of the Titans,” that generating the 3-D effect after the fact has been, so far, a huge failure. Many fans reacted with disgust and said the remastering that was done recently should be the final changes allowed to the series.

I also agree with the fans. Post filming 3-D generation just does not work well. The depth perception is just not there and it becomes an annoying factor instead of a movie enhancement. Frankly, if you are going to show a movie in 3-D, then it needs to be produced that way in the first place to get the proper
depth perception, you are there feel, and overall effect just right.

Now the fact that the president of CBS, many fans of “Star Trek,” and this writer agrees on a subject is not quite a sign of the apocalypse, but it is close. This idea needs to be shelved. If they want “Star Trek” in 3-D, then I would strongly recommend shooting the next film in that format. After all, if you want something done a certain way, why not do it right in the first place?

Think about it.

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