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Artistic License: ‘Aladdin: Legacy Of The Lost’

Radical wraps up a unique look at the legend of Aladdin

Often in the world of fantasy, classic stories get told and retold, sometimes with mixed results. Radical is releasing the last issue of a wonderful version of the tale of Aladdin this week.

Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost is a three-issue graphic novel miniseries that shines a different light on Aladdin and the lamp. The young thief has joined forces with the infamous Sinbad, and together they must use all their wits, tricks and luck to rescue the princess and free two djinn from enslavement.

Parts of the story are definitely familiar, particularly how tricky a djinn can be. They do remind Aladdin of the phrase be careful what you wish for, even while wanting to help him succeed.

It was interesting to see this story involve two djinn, husband and wife. The husband, Xavier, is the familiar one to many of us, as he is trapped inside the lamp. His wife, Alexandria, is bound to a ring. Both items were held by the evil Qassim, until Aladdin stole the ring from him in Issue 2.

Issue 3 centers on Aladdin convincing Alexandria to assist him, and in return he has a plan to free both the djinn from their captivity. She in turn enlists Qassim’s wife, Soraya, to assist also, requiring an adventure to a hidden land.

The final confrontation between Aladdin and Qassim is nicely told, involving all of the central characters. His nature of trickery pays off, and Aladdin and Sinbad are able to accomplish all of their goals. Seeing these two legendary fantasy characters together was a nice touch.

Writer Ian Edginton did a wonderful job. This is a very well-told story, feeling both new and familiar at the same time. I believe this makes the story more enjoyable. The plot is always moving forward, and all of the characters play an important part, no matter how small.

The artwork is beautiful. Stjepan Sejic brought life and motion to every panel. The creatures are very well done, and the two djinn are especially nice. I particularly liked his images of The Lost Kingdom of the Aramaspi.

If you enjoy good fantasy, or even if you just enjoy a good read, I highly recommend this series. Excellent story and art in all three issues. A truly great series!

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