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Two Strips Of Latinum: Fox Should’ve Accepted ‘Torchwood’

Some say it was good news, but Dennis Rayburn disagrees

Since a few weeks after the successful run of Torchwood: Children of Earth, the rumors began on the future of the successful Doctor Who spinoff, ranging from it being the end of the show, to a new season was coming.

Then suddenly word came out that executive producers Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner were working with BBC Worldwide on a proposal to create an Americanized version of the hit show with the Fox network having commissioned a script.

After many months, the news came out last week that Fox has passed on Torchwood. No reasons were given, nor are they normally when shows are rejected. Yet, because of the unique nature of the show’s main character, Capt. Jack Harkness, the rumors started that it was because they didn’t want the negative impact the character could cause. SciFi Wire has gone so far as say that Fox had dodged a bullet and heralded the decision as good news.

Now this is very puzzling as Fox, unlike its sister network Fox News Channel, is known for being liberal and not being afraid of controversy. But what really puzzles me is the reaction of SciFi Wire. This is not good news at all for fans of the hit show, nor should it be for the stockholders of the network’s parent corporation.

Refusing the show was a rejection of a property that is a proven hit in the United Kingdom, and drew very good audiences for BBC America, which is quickly becoming very popular with the American science-fiction community. For a network that is about to lose one of its flagship shows, 24, that just doesn’t make any business sense.

Some herald the decision as a good one as they want the show protected, like an endangered species, with no changes. Many even lobby for the return of Ianto. Some also feared that the producers over here would not keep the plot lines and stories that made the show the hit it is among its fans.

There are also many fans who want the show to return to the BBC and ultimately to BBC America as soon as possible, pointing out that it has been a very long time since the end of the “Children of Earth” miniseries and it is time to get on with it.

The good news for fans of the show is that BBC Worldwide is committed to the show being made and is pursuing offers from other networks. Let us hope that they are successful in marketing the show to another network. Let’s also hope they don’t let Syfy make it into a Saturday Night movie!

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