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Something Is Missing From Hugo Nominations

Wednesday’s Two Strips of Latinum from Dennis Rayburn

As you have probably seen on this site, the nominations for the Hugo Awards have been announced. In that announcement, the list of winners had three distinct newsworthy items.

The first is that “Star Trek” will finally go head-to-head with “Avatar” for an award. This will be a very interesting result when it is announced as this is the first time these two science-fiction juggernauts have completed against each other in any awards.

The second thing is that “Doctor Who” totally dominated the nominations for Best Dramatic Presentation – Short Form with three of the final specials with David Tennant as The Doctor being nominated. The only other nominations were for “Epitaph 1,” the episode of “Dollhouse” that you will only see in the DVD set as it was never aired by Fox, as well as the pilot episode from “FlashForward,” a show that has one foot in the grave, the other foot on a banana peel.

The third thing is the one that is bothering me and a lot of other fans. Why wasn’t “Torchwood: Children of Earth” nominated? The miniseries that was aired last year was five parts of absolutely classic science-fiction. It was a hit with its audiences, and yet an animated story that is, in this writer’s opinion, borderline science-fiction at the most, is nominated for Best Dramatic Presentation – Long Form (“Up”)?

In the area of the Short Form nominations, I have no issues with the “Dollhouse” nomination as that was a great episode of the show. Frankly, if “Dollhouse” wins, it will be a nice slap in Fox’s face for not airing it in the first place and then multiplying their mistakes by showing “Epitaph 2” without the first part. That was unbelievable.

The show I have issue with is “FlashForward.” Frankly, that show has been one of the true disappointments of this season to me. With the public relations campaign that was waged the summer before it premiered, everyone thought it was going to be an incredible show and definite must see TV.

What it became is an incredible headache. The plot is misconceived, convoluted, tangled and totally unbelievable. And folks, those are its good points. These problems were multiplied by the network taking it off the air for months, which only has made things worse. I thought the show had promise, but the writers didn’t just break that promise, they shredded it.

The sooner ABC puts that show out of its misery, the better. By the way, if anyone thinks this will make ABC decide to renew it, don’t bet on it. In the 1960s Star Trek, was nominated for Hugo awards and what happened to it is history.

“Torchwood” was pure science-fiction that was well conceived, well written, and the performance by its cast was truly attention grabbing and wonderfully done. It certainly deserved better treatment than it got from the Hugos. One can only hope that the new “Torchwood” that is under development for Fox will be able to match or surpass the original so that maybe the Hugos will take notice. One can only hope.

See you Monday!

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