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SciFriday: Is Barnabas Greeley Best Cool Villain Since Tom Zarek?

It might be a little too early to tell, but there’s definitely potential

James Marsters. James Marsters. James Marsters. James Marsters. James Marsters.

It’s not that I simply like writing that name. But I know if I keep saying James Marsters, then we’ll get a traffic boost from people looking for James Marsters because this column mentions the name James Marsters so much, it will make it a highly relevant search for James Marsters.

OK, fine, I will stop mentioning James Marsters by his full name (hopefully 10 references in three paragraphs is enough), but you can’t help joining his millions of fans out there who love everything this guy does.

Like many of you, I was introduced to Marsters through his character of Spike on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” And it wasn’t until I did some research on Marsters ahead of the announcement he was joining Syfy’s “Caprica” as a recurring actor that I discovered Marsters is not British … the dude’s American.

OK, it’s no secret that good actors can take on accents (look at Jamie Bamber, Anna Torv and The Jonas Brothers — OK, not really The Jonas Brothers, but once again, relevant Google searches!), but to have them use it so well that you don’t even realize where they’re really from? That’s pretty damn cool.

But I had come to far to identify him as Spike, that even when I watched him making out with John Barrowman in “Torchwood,” I had flashes of Spike and Buffy making out on The WB. Sure, he did a great job on “Torchwood,” and his character there was fun. But to me, he was still Spike.

Then comes Barnabas Greeley. Someone at Syfy felt sorry for me and sent me a screener of tonight’s episode (so I know what happens and you don’t … take that Nude Photos of Pamela Anderson!), and I was suddenly like, “Spike who?”

Yes, I know. Insane. Maybe sacrilegious. But even in the small amount of screen time we get of Barnabas Greeley in these first scenes, that character is just plain awesome.

It’s kind of like how Richard Hatch’s character of Tom Zarek stole the screen in “Battlestar Galactica.” Surrounded by some of the industry’s best actors (portraying some rich characters), this terrorist stood out and was played beautiful by Hatch, who before that casting, wanted the new version of BSG to fly into the sun.

We got a more detailed introduction to Tom Zarek than what we do for Barnabus, but “Caprica” shares enough about this guy to make you really want to learn more. And we get four more episodes — at least — to do it.

And you can tell Marsters loves this character. You can see it in his eyes. He’s not James Marsters. He’s not Spike. He’s not Hannah Montana. He’s Barnabus Greeley, and if god isn’t guiding your path, then you better watch out.

If you’re not watching “Caprica” Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy (how’s that for a plug?) then shame on you. This show is getting more and more awesome every single week, especially the awesome gaming episode to end February where Tamara Adama wakes up.

It only gets better tonight, so even if you never heard of James Marsters (which I would be shocked to hear), you really want to tune in tonight and see what the rest of the sci-fi and non-sci-fi community is talking about.

And oh yeah: James Marsters. James Marsters. James Marsters. James Marsters. James Marsters.

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