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SciFriday: Welcome To 2010. Welcome To Science-Fiction

Read through the whole thing. There is a special announcement hidden inside!

Ever since I was like 10 years old, I couldn’t wait to get to 2010.

Seriously. After the let-down in 1984 (when Big Brother never showed up, and we spoke the same English we did the year before), I knew that the gods of the future would not let me down this time for 2010.

So, based on science-fiction, we will join the Soviets in a space mission to Jupiter. Some old guy will show up and tell us that there’s something wonderful coming. Jupiter will explode, and then we’ll get two suns in the sky a la Tatooine.

This is going to rock!

I guess the only bad thing about all this is that the Soviets will have to come back somehow, and I think Mother Science Fiction is trying to work all that out. I like the Russians, wasn’t a huge fan of the Soviet Union. But Arthur C. Clarke was certainly a visionary.

I am not sure if I want it to be warmer, by the way. I live in Florida already, and we don’t get snow. We already have global warming, according to the guy that invented the very Internet we’re speaking on, which already means that my home will be underwater by the time Professor Hobby decides to build little robot boys that look like Haley Joel Osment (that’s all true, too, by the way).

I am excited about 2010, even a little more excited than 2001. Not sure why. I was curious to what the party glasses would look like now that there’s a “1” in the middle of the 0s, but they turned out cool. Anderson Cooper, himself an alien (or so I heard), chatted on hysterically with Kathy Griffin (not an alien) on CNN, and for some reason I was riveted to that. It was cool seeing Key West there, however, and some drag queen named Sushi (definitely an alien) coming down in a big high-heel shoe.

I have no idea why any of those things made me excited about 2010, but I am just weird like that. Getting back on topic, I am excited about a few things. I am excited about the return of “Lost” on Feb. 2 on ABC. I am excited about “Caprica,” premiering Jan. 22 on Syfy.

I am also excited about the fact that we will start doing some minor spoiler reporting on Airlock Alpha again in 2010. If you remember, about a year ago, we stepped away from being a spoiler site. But I think we might have stepped away a little too far.

So we won’t be doing “This is how ‘Battlestar Galactica’ ends” type of spoilers, or “Here is the Final Cylon” type of spoilers. But we will start doing things more like “Adm. Cain is a lesbian” type of spoilers again.

If you’re connected with a show, a studio or a network and read this, you might be worried about having your show ruined. The one thing I can say we have never done here is ruin a show. In fact, our spoilers have always generated more buzz for a show, and many people attached to these shows have really understood and respected that over the years and that’s how we get spoilers in the first place.

I’m not out to tell you that “Lost” is nothing but a dream in Jack Sheppard’s head. Oh wait …

Just kidding! I don’t know anything about “Lost.” But 2010 will mean that we go a little bit back to our roots. But we’ll just do it better.

And thanks for coming along for the ride. When that old guy said that there was “something wonderful” about to happen, you do know he meant our upcoming Alpha Waves Radio shows in January with “Fringe” and “Thor” scribe Ashley Edward Miller and “Battlestar Galactica” and “Caprica” composer Bear McCreary, right?

Nothing to do with Jupiter exploding. Nothing.

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