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A New Year’s Message From Airlock Alpha

When many of us were kids, we would look at the 21st Century as being so far in the future, where we would have flying cars, where dolphins would talk, and computers killing us. Now that we’re in 2008, it’s not quite like that, but it’s still exciting to see what the future will bring. […]

When many of us were kids, we would look at the 21st Century as being so far in the future, where we would have flying cars, where dolphins would talk, and computers killing us.

Now that we’re in 2008, it’s not quite like that, but it’s still exciting to see what the future will bring. Last year was a good year for science-fiction. We had a lot of genre shows return to television, and at least a handful of them will be sticking around for a while. There were some surprises (like “Moonlight” and “Bionic Woman,” but for totally opposite reasons), and we had some good television, like the season finale of “Battlestar Galactica” as well as the season finale of “Doctor Who.”

I’m especially excited about 2008 because we’re going to make this our best year ever. Already, we’re gearing up for Airlock Alpha’s 10th anniversary celebration in August, and we have some great interviews already lined up for the beginning of this year from “Battlestar Galactica” and the new “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” We have worked hard to bring you the news each and every day, and only posting news that we think is worthy of your time, not just to fill space on a slow news day.

In the coming days, we’re going to be presenting a survey for you where we are going to try and learn how we can make Airlock Alpha better for you. When that goes live, please take a few minutes and share your thoughts, and get your friends who visit Airlock Alpha to do the same. And be honest … be upfront. You’re not going to hurt our feelings. Our goal is to make Airlock Alpha your first place you stop when you’re surfing the Web, and we can only do that by getting a handle on what interests you and what doesn’t interest you.

I started Airlock Alpha nearly 10 years ago as a way to provide professional news from a fan’s standpoint. There was no such thing as blogs, or YouTube or anything else out there at the time, but there is now, and we know that there are a lot of places where you can get your news … sometimes faster than you can get it here. But nobody provides you the most complete news, including how such a news impacts you. Someone once told me they never understood why some news outlets published ratings news, because they simply don’t get why it matters how many people are watching. But then they started to read how Airlock Alpha presented ratings information, and it made sense. They understood what the numbers meant, and how it could affect the future of their show. It also gave them a better idea on how to predict if a show is going to live, or if it’s going to die … something that is very important to all of us as viewers.

The reason why we’re able to do all this because our staff, as awesome as they are, are even more amazing because in the end, they are fans. Just like me. Just like you. We want to know all the great things about what makes our shows great, and we want it without all the fluff or hyperbole that is found everywhere else.

There are rumors going around in a couple of Webmaster circles that we’re going to be launching a new site in 2008 to follow up on Rabid Doll that we launched late last year. I can’t really say too much about those rumors except that we’re always looking to bring you the best in television and movie news, and we are always looking for the ways to make that better.

In the meantime, tell me what you think of Airlock Alpha — good or bad. Just drop me an e-mail at and tell me ahead of our survey coming out later this week, what you think about the site, and ways you would make it better if you were the owner of the site. In the meantime, if you have some friends who like science-fiction and fantasy, why not send them a link to Airlock Alpha and introduce them to the site? It’s very important to Airlock Alpha that if we are going to continue to be there as your primary news source every day, that it’s there for others as well because it’s becoming more and more expensive to run Web sites, and we want to make sure there is enough funds flowing in to pay the bills.

At the same time, it’s also very helpful to us that when you see a story here you like, you take a minute to hit the Digg button you find at the beginning of every story here. By doing that, you’re not only expressing approval for a story, but you’re also helping others to discover Airlock Alpha as well. And if you have a blog, feel free to link to our stories and talk about them. We always welcome that, whether you do it on a real blog, or in your LiveJournal. You’d be amazed how many people I surprise by showing up and dropping a comment when they talk about one of our stories.

In closing, thank you for making Airlock Alpha so great. We remain one of the only major sites who has writers who personally respond to e-mail. Many times, when you write our writers, they forward those messages to me. And I get my own, too. I love hearing what you think, and joining you in conversations in our message boards, so we look forward to seeing you in both places in this vast cyberspace world.

Have a great 2008, and we look forward to having you join us again!

Michael Hinman is the founder and site coordinator of Airlock Alpha, writing out of Tampa, Fla. He can be reached at

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